Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Vampire Diaries 5.07 Review: Fighting a Losing Battle

Anyone that has yet to watch tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, titled ‘Death and the Maiden’, now is your last chance to do so without spoilers. For this is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
Decent episode this week. I will be sad to see Silas gone, because he managed to actually get interesting these last two episodes. The last two week’s he’s been funnier than all of the other characters, including Damon, and it sucks to see that that’s gone because it helped make these last two weeks of this show more interesting.
Also, Bonnie’s back. For a second there I actually thought she was going to stay dead, and I was happy about that. But then Tessa went and saved her life in the knick of time and all I got to do was say damnit. Really, hasn’t this character outstayed her welcome? Sure, the only time she’s ever been interesting is the first ten episodes of the series, and when she was with Jeremy. I guess she is with Jeremy again now, but I’m still not liking her. Doesn’t Kat Graham have a music career she could go work on rather than this series?
Amarra was an intriguing little duck, and I’ll be sad to see the character go when she wasn’t given much time on the series. A very Romeo and Juliet kind of death with her and Silas, but this time they don’t get to be together on the other side. But when Bonnie dies, won’t the other side disappear? A witch doesn’t live forever, although she could keep transferring it to another afterwards. But back to Amarra, I have to say that I loved the way Dobrev played her bat shit crazy; it was fantastic. This is more of the Nina Dobrev that I like this week than some of this season has been. She actually has a decent amount of talent. Although Julie Plec trying to say that she was doing it long before Tatiana Maslany doesn’t mean squat when Maslany is pro on Orphan Black and differentiating her characters far better than Dobrev.
All in all, not a bad episode. I do think it’s going to start getting back to the lameness that was the first five episodes of the season now that Silas is gone, but who knows? I do have to say that I enjoyed the music this week; two particular moments had their respective songs fitting and very evocative of the scenes. Still, I’m not feeling like this series is going to get any better any more, but so help me if they don’t find a way to save Katherine.
My rating: 7 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“Like, literally, Medusa style.” – Silas explains to the two strangers on the bench what happened to his true love.
“I’m sitting in a bus stop in frigging Delaware.” – Silas complains. “You’re in Philly.” – the woman corrects him. “I’m in Philly? Oh God, that’s even worse.” – Silas groans.
“They prefer administrative assistants now; I learned that on the bus.” – Silas corrects Damon’s use of the word secretary.
“Now, may I be excused, scary vampire daughter?” – Katherine asks Nadia.
“I swear there’s a sitcom in there somewhere.” – Tessa mutters about Damon, Elena, and Stefan’s circumstances.
“Well, Silas owes me a fuse box.” – Damon states, regarding Silas’s cutting of the power.

Okay, I’m off to watch Grey’s Anatomy now. After that it’s The Crazy Ones. Stick around for more.

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