Saturday, November 2, 2013

Revolution 2.06 Review: Death Illuminates Our Lives

For all those that have yet to watch Wednesday night’s episode of Revolution, entitled ‘Dead Man Walking’, I suggest you go and do so now. As always, this is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!
This week’s episode wasn’t bad. It was very Monroe centric, which I loved being that next to Charlie he’s my favourite character. I absolutely adore him, and not just because I think the actor is attractive as all hell. David Lyons is just so amazing as this character, especially this season working alongside Charlie and Miles. His character has really been able to be developed, although I’m not sure how well I believe what spurred him on the path to being the Monroe of last season was losing his child and wife (was she his wife?). Still, I did enjoy seeing the range of his character.
One thing I’m not too fond of this season is Secretary Allenford. Her character just didn’t seem believable to me. I didn’t feel like she had actually lost her son to the camps, or that she would have been so convincingly for the Patriots in the beginning, and would just switch all of the sudden to be against the camps. So, I think the writing has gone a little back and forth, and just hasn’t figured out her character.
There wasn’t near enough Charlie this week. To go from someone being a big part of the first season, to throwing her over for her mother’s stories is just moronic to me. She has grown to be such an intriguing character this season, and her chemistry with Monroe is just palpable that I can’t help but want more of her, and especially of the two of them together. Which is probably why I’m not all gung ho about meeting Monroe’s son, being that they’d be more likely to work him and Charlie together than Monroe and Charlie. But alas, I’ll just have to see.
Rachel’s character I’m started to getting really annoyed with. There’s too much of her, and she’s just not a strong enough character. Charlie was completely right in the episode when she told her that she always thinks she’s the smartest and that she’s right, even when she’s dead wrong. About the only redeeming quality in her I’d see is if she actually swapped the drug that was supposed to kill Monroe to the drug that makes it appear as though someone is dead. Because he better not be dead, I’ll lose way too much interest in this series if he’s actually dead when there’s so much more story to him.
A few other things I wasn’t too fond of in this episode was how Miles knew about Monroe’s son, and hid him from him. Why would he do that and still stay with Miles for as long as he did? Also, Aaron’s storyline is getting a little too wonky for my taste. What is the believability that technology just chose him, randomly, for absolutely no reason? I just can’t see it. The third thing was how Jason was written into one of the camps. He just doesn’t seem like someone that would sway so easily, when he’d given up his rank in the Monroe Republic last season for Charlie. Which, by the way, pairing I was never too fond of, but I’d still like to see them bump into each other and to have awkwardness ensue. Monroe really hit it home when he said Neville would be good for their plan, and Jason definitely needs to tag along.
All in all, I liked this episode. Sad that the big reveal was that Rachel’s father is part of the Patriots, but it definitely leads the series in an intriguing direction. Betrayal from a loved one is incredibly damaging, and I can definitely see that happening. The only thing that will make me happier is if Monroe was alive, and if they hadn’t had him caught so quickly and easily. Plus the fact that Texas threw in their hat with the Patriots, but what’s done is done.
My rating: 7.5 out of 10.

Best Line:
“We’ll discuss that later.” – Monroe says to his wife (girlfriend?) after she tells him she’s never having sex with him again while in labour.

My extreme apologies for this being out two days later than it should’ve been. I’ve had a really bad week with buying my first car, more stress than there should’ve been, and not sleeping because of that. So I had watched this Wednesday night, I just didn’t get around to reviewing it because I had to be up early every day this week. But here it is. Aside from Friday’s shows, I’m all caught up with watching, I just have to review Nashville next, then American Horror Story: Coven, then The Crazy Ones, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Vampire Diaries. So I have a lot more writing to get to. Stay tuned.

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