Monday, November 4, 2013

Haven 4.08 Review: Doing the Right Thing

For all those that have yet to watch Friday’s newest episode of Haven, titled ‘Crush’, I suggest that you go and do that now before reading ahead. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
So, it seems like the two creeps from inside the door are going around giving Troubled families changing Troubles, as well as this week giving two untroubled brothers their very own Troubles. This is the mayhem and chaos that the opening of the door threatened would bring about, and I have to say that while the acting wasn’t quite great from our guest stars, this is what I’ve been waiting for a little more than last week. It’s just stupid that those crab things are an omen of the chaos coming forth.
This whole thing with the handprint makes me wonder if this door opening in the first place wasn’t the beginning of the Troubles in Haven. Maybe whomever Audrey was first was given the first handprint to help the Troubles go away for a period, or any number of other explanations. This definitely opens this series up to an excessive amount of mythology that, if done right, could prove to give this series several more brilliant seasons. For now, the first three seasons seem to be the best, but this is a clinching moment that could bring forth new, mysteriously great material.
Elsewhere in the episode, there were some great things to it. Eric Balfour really brought his dramatic A game this week, with his struggle to get passed having to kill his brother to save Jennifer’s life – who, by the way, seemed a little too okay after the ordeal. His dislike of how basically Audrey coming into his life set him into motion of becoming a hero kind of character, rather than the selfish one he started off as, was quite a conundrum and compelling writing. Although, while I am glad he decided to stay and help out, and be the person he is now, I do think his relationship with Jennifer came a little too quickly. I know Audrey said she loved Nathan, but that Duke could get over his feelings for her that soon is still a little too much for me.
This week I really loved Vince and Dave again. They’re beginning to go back to the more mysterious, bickering characters that covered up Troubled happenings with their newspaper that they used to be. I also loved getting to see Nathan sneak off before Vince found him at Audrey’s place. Such a funny moment, despite the heightened duress it would cause the town if he was caught and Audrey was found out. That is, until the end, where we learn Audrey killing the one she loves would now bring about destruction. But then there’s a shot, and we won’t know until next week (insert disappointed face here), when William appears to come back into things.
Overall, the writing had its moments this week for some things, while others not so much. The guest actors weren’t great, but I was really happy with Duke, Audrey, and Nathan this week, as well as Vince and Dave. I continue to be intrigued by who Jennifer’s parents were, and why Agent Howard worked her adoption. Who is she, and what is her connection to the barn? I really hope this mystery isn’t dragged on for seasons like who the Colorado Kid was. Otherwise this episode was pretty good.
My rating: 7 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“Now the question is, are you ready to meet them on purpose?” – Vince asks Jennifer, regarding her birth parents.
“It’s a Trouble, Chicken Little.” – Vince bickers with his brother.
“Awe, come on, can’t I just leave?” – Duke says to the universe.
“I never know what they’re talking about.” – Duke mutters, in regards to Vince and Dave.

All caught up now at least, I just have to review today’s episodes of Once Upon A Time and Revenge. I’m off to go write those, so stick around.

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