Thursday, November 21, 2013

Revolution 2.09 Review: Love is a Powerful Motivator

Anyone that has yet to watch last night’s episode of Revolution, entitled ‘Everyone Says I Love You’, now is your last chance to do so before proceeding ahead into spoiler territory. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
Well, not as good an episode as I would’ve hoped, but it was decent enough. I think my only issue with it was that it felt so short and was a little anti-climactic. The episode could’ve run about twenty minutes longer and had a little more sword fighting and gun play than it did have. And also more quality Bass-Charlie time.
So we learned a few things about Aaron and the nanites this week. They were basically helping him because he was the one that woke them up and thus they felt they owed him for it. Not a bad way to explain it, but I do kind of hope that they’re gone now, if not for good than at least a while before we have to hear about it again. This season has been a bit too tech and science oriented than I would’ve liked. Give me some gruesome swordplay and fights any day.
One thing I really did like about this episode was that they did focus a little more on Charlie than they have in a few weeks. Although, even when she was in the scene, the focus of the camera got caught on Rachel a little too often. Rachel, in my opinion, was a lot better last season when she was a little more in the background than at the forefront. But at least they give me more Charlie than they have in a few weeks, I just wish – like I said – that she’d shared more scenes with Bass. Their glances at each other were a little too fleeting for my taste and were so focused on battle that I wasn’t able to see the chemistry that is ripe between them.
Another thing I am glad about is that Dr. Horn is dead. Thank God for that, and for killing Cynthia, she was a little too religious, good, and boring for my taste. There wasn’t much to her character other than to give Aaron someone to love. And Dr. Horn, he was getting a little too obviously desperate and wasn’t all that intriguing, so I’m really glad they’ve gotten rid of these characters. I honestly didn’t care enough for them as much as I did characters that were killed last season.
Basically, this half of the season leaves us with Miles unconscious from the infection – which we all know is not going to last because if they kill off Miles, there goes a chunk of the viewers of the show. Aaron lost Cynthia and is likely going to be in a dark place because the nanites have left him – but honestly, who cares? I like Aaron for his sense of humour, not the rest of this garbage. Rachel plans on going back for her father, and she’s going to have to if she wants Miles to live. Monroe will probably help only because Miles is the only one that knows where his son is. And Charlie is obviously going to help because the one thing she is big on is protecting her family. Also, we learned Tom Neville’s wife is alive, and now the Neville’s have some new scheme cooked up – but honestly, who cares if it keeps them away from the whole unit for much longer?
Overall, not a bad episode, I just expected a little more. The characters were mostly good, and the acting overall was satisfactory. One thing I was expecting was for Rachel to tell Miles she was pregnant in that flashback, but perhaps she found out later. I do swear Charlie is still his daughter, but I suppose they’re going to wait to finally reveal that one. Another thing, while the bangs did look good, they didn’t look good on Rachel. Nice hairstyle, just not for her. Also, it wasn’t convincing in de-aging her, and Miles didn’t look young enough either. But otherwise, this was a pretty good episode; it just sucks how long we’re going to have to wait for more.
My rating: 7.5 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“I’m having a heart attack, that’s what I’m doing here. What’re you doing here?” – Aaron tells what he believes is a little boy.
“I’m Batman.” – Monroe states.
“You’re like a puppy holding a kitten.” – Monroe remarks on Miles having gone soft.
“We may die tomorrow, we’ll probably die today.” – Rachel says to Charlie, while saying she loves her.

Okay, just one more show to go. Check back soon for my review of American Horror Story: Coven.

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