Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Blacklist 1.08 Review: Who's Her Daddy?

For all those that have yet to watch yesterday night’s episode of The Blacklist, entitled ‘General Ludd (No. 109)’, now would be a good time to do so before proceeding ahead. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
This series is amazing. Despite being a show about the FBI capturing criminals, although notorious criminals it’s not exactly a unique idea, this series always seems to be able to hold my focus all the way through the episode. It’s great because I have yet to think ‘when will this be over already’, and am more often thinking ‘it’s over already?’. Sure, it has its weaknesses that it eventually needs to get over, but nothing that’s really holding this series back.
Last night’s episode introduced to us Elizabeth Keen’s father – albeit adopted father – none other than Sheriff Valenti (that’s a Roswell reference for all those that don’t know). While I had thought he was supposed to be a criminal, perhaps it was who she thought her biological father was. But then, the man did know Reddington, so obviously there was something in his past. The fact that Keen’s father wanted to tell her something that Reddington refused to let her know inferred to the fact that Reddington may be her actual father. I was convinced of that, mostly, from the start, but then the young woman Red decided to search up in that violent criminals database confused me. She could either be his actual daughter, or someone else on his blacklist. This series really keeps going back and forth on the whole daughter situation, but I’m still hoping Red is Keen’s biological father, otherwise his connection to her seems a little loose.
There were a lot of great moments to this episode. I absolutely adored when Red went over to the kids swing and began swinging, such a childlike thing to do. Also, I enjoyed when Keen entered the soccer mom’s garage looking for Red and she was making up counterfeit money. That entire interaction between Red and Tom was also quite intriguing, although it was difficult to tell when Tom recognized Red as who he was, or just recognized another criminal with veiled threats against him. Further evidence that makes me second-guess whether or not Tom’s a criminal, because honestly, why would Red say he was if he wasn’t. This episode did bring up an intriguing criminal organization that wanted the middle class to succeed over the one percent. They definitely had a moral desire for righteousness, but not a great way of going about bringing it. But probably my favourite moment in this week’s episode was the subtle moment between Donald and Keen when she gets the call that her father has passed away, and his face look’s like his heart is breaking for her. I really love the idea of these two together, eventually. They fit much better than her and her husband. While I did enjoy the moments her and her husband shared last week, and in the beginning of this week’s, I just think Ressler is better suited for her, being that they both work in the same unit.
All in all, this was a really good episode. We got more evidence to both support the fact Red may be Keen’s father, as well as clues to him possibly not. We were able to meet the man who raised her and helped her become who she is today, and were given clues to the possibility her husband isn’t who he says he is. Although Keen told Red all they were was partners last week, we were still able to see a nice human moment shared between them a few times this week. There is a lot of great back and forth between these two characters that I really enjoy. I just can’t believe we’re already up to episode eight; soon we’re going to have to take a break if they don’t split up these episodes. A Monday without The Blacklist is a thought that makes me sad.
My rating: 8 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“The you’ll just have to find another criminal to talk to Elizabeth Keen and make fun of Agent Ressler.” – Reddington explains to Cooper.
“I have no interest in cases I have no interest in.” – Reddington states.

Okay, I’m all caught up from yesterday now. I’m going to go take a shower and eat something while I wait for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to come on. After that it’ll probably be Trophy Wife, followed by The Originals and Supernatural. As I said in my statement last week, I will no longer be reviewing New Girl; it got the chopping block this season with me.


  1. I love this show too!! I feel like the way this show twists around, it would almost be too obvious for Red to be Liz's real father... But who knows! And I'm convinced her hubby is a criminal... Fallout is not gonna be good when (if) she realizes he's been lying to her.

    1. I agree, it would be too obvious, but then I can't understand why he would want to be in her life so much. The fallout definitely will not be good when she finds out.