Monday, November 25, 2013

Bones 9.10 Review: Accidental Cannibalism

For all those that have yet to watch Friday night’s episode of Bones, entitled ‘The Mystery in the Meat’, now is your last chance to do so without spoilers before reading ahead. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
While the dumping ground for where the body was found this week was intriguing, the boasted about bachelorette party “episode” was rather lackluster, despite the brawl between our series regulars and the biker women. The way this episode had been written about, I expected most of the episode would be about the bachelorette party, and not just five minutes spent in what was supposed to be a rodeo bar.
Elsewhere, I was happy to see two squinterns in the episode, even though the way they did this makes me feel like they’re trying to build up to Daisy and the new guy dating. A little too cliché if you ask me. Although, while the newbie is rather abrasive and tries to claim every idea, I do find his ability to get under most of the staffs skin funny to watch, so the guy is growing on me.
Also, they seemed to resolve the whole Angela-Booth situation this week. Was it just me, or does the acting in this series seem to be over-the-top now more than ever and not natural in the least? As I watched that scene, it didn’t appear as if the characters had known each other as long as they have, and it just didn’t seem to click. Maybe that’s one of my issues with this show; it’s lost its naturalness, ever since the end of season six. Before I used to be able to watch emotion, drama, and humour all nicely wrapped together, and now I’m not feeling most of that on a regular basis. It really is time to end it.
Okay, well overall this episode was alright. It was very surficial and light. There wasn’t much depth to it, except for in fleeting moments. It’s almost like this series is merely grasping at straws; not even the actors are putting their entire selves into it, and the writing has just gotten bleak. I love this series first six seasons a great deal, and then there were some great moments and brief story arcs after that, but for the most part it’s time to put this series to bed. The move to Friday marks that possibility; I just hope we’ll get some sense of finality when it does end.
My rating: 6.5 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“It’s fine with Cam.” – Angela tells Brennan. “It is?” – Cam asks.
“I can’t believe this! We’re homies!” – Daisy delights.
“I dislike almost everyone. I dislike you and I don’t even know you.” – Agatha Blume remarks.
“Don’t be nice to me, it’s weird.” – Daisy complains. “Just deal with it.” – Oliver replies.

Okay, more apologies for not posting this yesterday as I had hoped. Again, Friday and Saturday nights I always get home around 2:30, so I only get four hours to myself. I did watch this yesterday; I just didn’t have time to review it, so here it is. Both Once Upon A Time and Revenge are not airing new episodes this week, so check back in tomorrow night for my reviews of How I Met Your Mother, Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow, and The Blacklist. See you all then.

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