Thursday, November 21, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven 3.07 Review: An Indifference to Suffering

For any that have yet to watch last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven, entitled ‘The Dead’, that is what I suggest you do now before reading ahead. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
As opposed to last week’s terribly filmed episode, this one was much better. I feel like it’s a hit and miss every week with this series; one week it’s bad, the next it’s good. This episode would fall in the latter character. The cinematography was overall very well done, the story progressed immensely in numerous ways, and we got more insight on a fair amount of the characters. That is what I would call a job well done.
There were a lot moments that made me feel something in this episode. First off, I feel really bad for Tate – Kyle, I mean Kyle – who doesn’t feel like himself because he’s composed of different body parts, and is trying to work through those issues. Still, I would like it if he could be able to talk intelligently, at some point. Also, I really felt for Madison, for once, with her whole speech about being apart of the Y Generation and how she can no longer feel even if she wanted to. In life she took it for granted, and now half-dead she doesn’t have it. Except for, apparently, when she does another dead person (read: Kyle). Another thing is how expressive Jessica Lange is in her physical movements. Just the shots of her hands rubbing together were rather evocative and so very Lange; I can remember her doing the same thing in season one. And one more thing was the exquisite use of the saxophone. The sound it makes as it is expertly played is such a beautiful thing to behold.
I really enjoyed the way this started off with a flashback of Kyle and his frat brothers and there tattoos, including a hint of the situation with his mother in that broken look he briefly had. Then to fold that into the next scene where he cries over having the tattoos on his body, such a masterfully done technique used. My one issue with Kyle this episode is that there hasn’t been quite enough movement with his character. We can see he cares for Zoe, and that he’s still working through all the things with his mom and frat brothers, but then to go and have sex with Madison was a little iffy. Not that I’m against the use of it, I just found his fondness for Zoe, despite the bond that they shared that Madison seemed to manipulate, it didn’t quite fit in right there. But then it, of course, led to what I can only say must be a threesome. I’m really not sure where they’re going with this now. Was that all just because Evan Peters and Emma Roberts are dating? It kind of felt that way to me.
Elsewhere, it seems that Queenie has joined Marie Laveau (who, can I just say, is being played brilliantly by Angela Bassett) over on the Voodoo side. How was this not obvious that it would happen? Isn’t her witch power a Voodoo power? I could’ve sworn she descended from the same line as Laveau. Plus Queenie was just getting annoyingly stupid. Not feeling apart of the coven and everything when really she was the one keeping the coven at arms length because she didn’t feel like she belonged. It’s not their fault they weren’t trying to include her, she never even acted like she wanted to be there, and sometimes you just have to take the initiative – and not blame everyone else. I think that’s the main reason I can’t stand her character; I just really wish she would die soon. She’s grotesquely overweight, and that’s just not okay.
So all in all, this was a good episode. Despite the pervy Axeman, who watched Fiona grow up into a woman and his feelings changed from fatherly to manly, this was a good episode. There was a little too much focus on Fiona and the Axeman, but that could just be me feeling that way because her character is kind of getting on my nerves. I did enjoy the one-on-one between Cordelia and Zoe, and Zoe’s initiative with Spalding – although I will miss O’Hare dancing with the dolls. Also, I can’t finish without commenting on that beautiful arsenal Cordelia’s – unbeknownst to her – witch hunter husband. That was a nice display. Otherwise, I enjoyed this week’s episode, now let’s just see about next week.
My rating: 7.5 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“You can’t drink or fight, you’re a little bitch.” – Kyle tells his frat brother who just got an Irish-related tattoo, in a flashback.
“A wounded animal will rip you apart if it’s cornered.” – Cordelia explains to Zoe, regarding Fiona.

Alright, folks, that’s all for tonight. Check back in tomorrow night for my reviews of The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Crazy Ones – not necessarily in that order.

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