Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Vampire Diaries 5.02 Review: Surviving Together

If you have yet to watch this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, entitled ‘True Lies, then now would probably be a good time to do so, if you don’t want the episode to be ruined. As always, this is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
What is there to say about this episode? There’s not really much to review about this show. It’s passed its prime, time to put it to bed, let Ian Somerhaulder get a better series to act in because he’s honestly one of the best things this show has going for it.
There were some funny lines to this episode, but other than that, I literally have one note about it. That note would be a complaint about the showrunners still trying to play up the love triangle. It’s over, Elena’s made her choice, why are you trying to make it harder on Stefan?
While last week Elena and Katherine kind of seemed to blend together, this week they were a tad better. It’s interesting that Katherine’s having to depend on Matt and Jeremy, especially since she seems to have grown a little attached to Jeremy. Or at least as attached as Katherine Pearce can be attached to anyone. Her shining moment, I believe, was the point where she explains all the things she’s survived, but a sinus infection is going to do her in.
On the other hand, Elena’s shining moment was when she impaled her leg into the chair to stop Silas’s mind control from forcing her to kill Damon. Was anyone hoping her love for him would end up overpowering the hate trigger? But no, it was the sinking pit in her stomach that told her something was wrong with Stefan that stopped it. And what is it about that, anyway? This isn’t True Blood, and the last I checked Damon had sired her, so shouldn’t he be the one – if any – she feels when they’re in serious peril?
Otherwise, I’m bored of this whole Silas deal. The whole build up to this guy, and he doesn’t even beat Klaus in the baddie department. Honestly, why did he have to be Stefan’s doppelganger? It’s just completely ludicrous, and feels like it was just thrown in there last minute, just because they liked Paul Wesley’s acting when he played Ripper Stefan. See, that was done over on Buffy, and Wesley is no David Boreanaz, but they just gave the guy a spinoff, not another, terribly written, role to play. Elena (and Katherine) is the doppelganger, turning Stefan into one makes that whole significance less special.
So basically, this episode was nominally better than the premiere, but still not good enough to warrant a sixth season. Then again, this is a series on The CW, they’re going to milk it for everything it’s got. (See proof via Smallville and Supernatural.)
My rating: 6 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“A bullet would’ve been more effective, but we’re trying to be nice.” – Jeremy says to Katherine, emulating Damon rather well.
“You do realize you’re dating a reformed serial killer right?” – Damon rhetorically asks Elena, in a rather dead on definition of his own character.
“It’s because you haven’t had sex with me.” – Damon tells Silas.
“Plus, I work out.” – Jeremy remarks to Silas, as he gives him a beat down.

Okay, that’ll be all for tonight. My head is killing me, I’m not quite sober yet, and I’m just plain exhausted. I’ll hit this place up with my review of Grey’s Anatomy and my Best Performances of the Week first thing tomorrow. Then it’ll be the review of Haven, followed by tomorrow night’s reviews of Once Upon A Time and Revenge. I’m off to go watch the Glee’s memorial episode.

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