Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sleepy Hollow 1.03 Review: Inaction Causes Evil to Triumph

If you have yet to watch yesterday’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, entitled ‘For the Triumph of Evil’, or are not caught up in the first three episodes of the series at all and hope to do so without being spoiled, then now would be the appropriate time to exit this blog. As always there is a chance of spoilers. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
This episode had to do with an incarnation of the Sandman. I’m not really sure how this kind of demon fits into the sea of demons that precede the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. Last week was all about a witch wanting to kill those that were the birth line of the man that burnt her at the stake, so that she could become flesh again and wreak havoc on Sleepy Hollow once more. This week it was a demon coming to judge the people that caused a woman to be imprisoned in an insane asylum. Jennifer Mills is supposed to a good guy type character, right? Why would evil seek retribution on her behalf?
Along the lines of that character, I still don’t think she looks anything like her sister. The only similarity between the two seems to be that their skin tone appears the same shade. Otherwise, they have completely different bone structure, their faces look nothing alike, and they don’t even have similar body types. Also, who they cast as a young Jenny does not look anything like this present day Jenny. The younger version of the character looks more like Abby’s sister than this Jenny does.
I’m curious to know, is Abby a psychic? Why did these two sisters see the demon? What connection do they have to Crane? I’m sure there will be answers forthcoming, but I still ponder the questions. Crane refers back to two people in the prophecy going up against the league of demons and other such evil forces, but I’m curious to know more about that, and how it ties to Abby and her sister. Also, was she having a prophetic dream, or was the Sandman merely taunting her?
When it comes to the way the series is filmed, there are a lot of blue tones. I suppose it gives this series a cold, procedural feel, but this is about more than just detective work, there is a huge paranormal backstory. As someone that prefers a warmer tone to my series’, being that it quite often brightens it up and makes it easier for me to get involved in it, I’d like this series to at least throw in a bit of those tones, at least when they’re outside the precinct. I get that this is a gothic, eerie kind of series – and I do love the opening credits because of that – but it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily impossible to incorporate warm tones once in a while. Like in the scene when Crane views the nooses, and one body is missing.
I have to give a commendable shout out to the use of language, specifically when it comes to Crane. The words he uses just make me yearn for those days. I’m in love with the fact that short form and acronyms do not riddle this series, it just heightens it all the more. As a writer myself, proper usage of uncharacteristic words that aren’t heard often in today’s society, gives me a gleeful delight.
I quite enjoyed the Twilight Zone reference, very fitting for this series. It’s always nice to see a series with similar formatting give a nice little throwback to past pop culture. Almost like the writers are giving a nod to something that may very well have either influenced their writing, or inspired them to get into writing in the first place.
The friendship between Crane and Abby is something that I very much like about this series. It’s nice to see two people of opposite genders working together and not having the sexual tension visible enough to be able to be cut with a knife. Though Crane is still married in his mind, especially since his wife is merely between worlds, the show could still try and throw these two characters together. I desperately hope that they don’t, because I quite like them as partners, friends, and only that.
Lastly I have to comment on the Captain. There’s just something about him that’s often. Given that two of this show’s creators were also the creators of Fringe, they could just be trying to go the route of Broyles on that series, but I still believe there’s something sinister about this Captain. Something from the pilot just stuck in my head that this guy knows more than he leads on, and something that could very well get in the way of good.
My rating: 3 out of 5.

Best Lines:
“Fear cause inaction. Inaction causes pain. QED fear causes pain.” – Crane.
“I was born more than two centuries ago and my wife is a prisoner in some otherworldly realm. I’m no stranger to complications.” – Crane to Abby, referring to her complicated past with her sister.
“Assume I know everything.” – Irving, a statement that has possible foreshadowing to it.
“No more scorpions. Ever.” – Crane to Abby, about their need to induce control while they sleep in this Sandman’s realm.

Okay, I’m off to go watch New Girl now, then it’s Trophy Wife, and finally Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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