Monday, October 14, 2013

Best Performances of the Week: Revenge's Charlotte and Once Upon A Time's Peter Pan

Welcome to the fourth edition of Best Male and Female Performances of the Week. This is a weekly update that will occur, for the most part, on Thursday’s – or shortly thereafter – once I’ve finished watching and reviewing the past week’s worth of episodes, where I will single out one male and one female performance that I believe merits special attention for the week. This, like my reviews, will be based solely on my opinion of the shows I watch in a week, and if you don’t like who I’ve picked, well that’s just too bad for you.
This week my choices came out of a pot of nineteen series’ (and if you don’t know which, go check out my reviews from the last week). For any not caught up in Revenge and Once Upon A Time, please feel free to exit promptly from this blog. I am not a spoiler free source for shows. THIS BLOG MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! Proceed at your own discretion.

Best Female Performance of the Week:

Christa B. Allen as Charlotte Grayson in this week’s second episode of the third season of Revenge. While there are many remarkable performances in a week, Allen managed to outperform all the other females this week on Revenge.
This season the actress has been doing outstandingly well on the series. Not only has her character become less annoying, she’s also managed to make her feel like she stands for something. Charlotte this year is sticking to her guns, she’s become a stronger person, and has grown to have a better style this year. It’s easy to see the character has become an adult that is starting to find her place in this world.
While my only other knowledge of Ms. Allen is from the performance she made in the Jennifer Garner film 13 Going On 30, by way of Revenge I can see her acting talent developing before my very eyes. Although I can’t be certain how greatly she will develop as an actress, I look forward to seeing her on this series as well as any other roles she may take on in the future.

Best Male Performance of the Week:

Robbie Kay as Peter Pan in this week’s second episode of the third season of Once Upon A Time. Despite how dreadfully terrible the writing is on this series at any given time, Kay was able to play a rather villainous character more adeptly than any I’ve seen on the series in a great long time.
In a sea of adults this young man was able convincingly portray his character more realistically than any of the other actors on this series. While I have a soft spot for the likes of Emma, Hook, and Neal, it was Robbie Kay’s portrayal of Peter Pan this week that sat more strongly with me. Perhaps it is the devious attitude he appears to have, or just that evil is a more fun character to play and thus he enriches it, but either way the young man plays his character beyond fantastically.
Like many newer actors to the scene, I cannot recall ever seeing Robbie Kay in anything else. As the young man is a British born actor, moving to American television was quite the illustrious decision. I hope to see this man in future projects, as he seems to be one that could develop a renowned career.

All right now ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the lateness of this, but I’m Canadian and this weekend was Thanksgiving, so there’s that. I’m now going to go catch up on Friday’s episode of Haven, and then watch tonight’s Once Upon A Time and Revenge… I’m just honestly surprised I haven’t given up on these by now, I guess I’m growing up and actually wanting to improve myself.

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