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Once Upon A Time 3.05 Review: An Honourable Pirate

For all those that have yet to watch tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, titled ‘Good Form’, I suggest you go and do so now or exit this screen until you have. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! Proceed at your own discretion.
Not a bad episode this week, although I would’ve expected a little more from Hook’s backstory, it was still a more interesting flashback story of the week than last week’s Rumplestiltskin centric episode. It was incredibly weird seeing Hook before he was a pirate, with his incredibly stupid looking neatly done hair. I have to say that I much prefer the Hook that dresses in black – as opposed to white – and has the skillfully disheveled short hair. Plus he was so much the younger brother type, looking up to his elder sibling.
While it was awfully assuming of David to jump to the conclusion that Hook could in no way understand where he’s coming from, I still understand it. He’s the hero type to not understand at all how someone could do something for personal gain, but people come in all shapes and sizes, and I suppose David will just have to appear like he put his foot in his mouth for jumping the gun. Not only that, but Hook is much more like Emma than her father is, so despite how awe inspiring his will to protect her from bad men is, she grew up in the real world where people aren’t inherently evil or good, they’re mostly grey.
I’m very happy our good guys were able to get a message to Henry, because I was beginning to ask myself how much more stupid and naïve he could get. I mean really, you grew up in the Evil Queen’s household for ten years, why would you think a boy as inherently selfish as Pan would take you away from a good family for good reasons? If it was just to save magic, why not just ask? But then, maybe Henry’s not as curious and questioning as I was at twelve (or is he thirteen now?) years old. Really, though, no one kidnaps a person from good people for a valid reason. So thankfully, he’s gotten the message that his family is there to come rescue him, because that could’ve gotten way more out of hand.
A few other things I really liked about this episode, the first being the loving smile Snow gave David. For someone that has darkened her heart by knowledgeably assisting someone to kill someone else, as evil as she may have been, she has been able to put that aside and really bask in her adoration of her husband. The second thing was how much Hook smiled and was basically giddy as Emma thanked him and before the kiss. His face was just breathtakingly swoon-worthy. And, of course, the kiss, which will only happen “that one time”. Emma may have said that, but their chemistry is just palpable. I definitely agree with what people have been saying online, Neal may have been Emma’s first love, but he abandoned her to her destiny, that’s not something I think Hook would do. What Neal did hurt Emma in a way that I feel will always stick, but she can have something fresher with Hook. The last thing I greatly enjoyed was Pan as he spoke with Hook at the end, taunting him. The way he just brilliantly gives Hook information that could hurt his budding relationship with Emma whether she finds out from him, or from someone else. The way he needs to look at it is whether he wants a short, but possibly passionate relationship with Emma now – and lets someone else tell her Neal is alive and that he knew, or he waits for the possibility of a long relationship that may never happen – and tells Emma himself. I personally yearn for him to choose the latter because I think they could end up being a long-term thing in the end.
There are a few questions running around in my head after watching this episode. The first is obviously what will Hook decide, tell Emma now or pursue her now? Another one I have is, how long exactly has Pan been on that island? Obviously he’s older than Rumplestiltskin and Hook, but how old is he? And where did he first come from? I really want to know his background, but I expect that’ll come eventually. My last question is who is in the other crate next to Neal? It’s none of our heroes, or Rumplestiltskin, and I’m pretty sure the real Belle is back in Storybrooke. I doubt that shadows can be held captive, so it’s unlikely it’s Rumplestiltskin’s shadow, and the ones that brought Henry there were thankfully killed, so who is it? Someone we have yet to meet? Oh, maybe it’s Rumplestiltskin’s father! That’d be the most interesting choice that’s running through my head.
Anyways, this was definitely an improvement on the last episode, but then I’m a big Hook, Neal, Emma supporter, so those are my favourite stories to watch. I did like the Tinkerbell episode two episodes back, so I’m not against other flashback storylines, I just find some characters have had a few too many flashback sequences revolving around them. But that’s just my two cents.
My rating: 7.5 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“I don’t do rum.” – Regina states, as Snow attempts to pass her the flask.
“What? You mean a one-handed pirate with a drinking problem?” – Peter Pan sums up who Hook is, after Hook says Emma’s coming around to him.

Okay, folks, I’m off to watch Revenge now. Stay tuned for that review soon.

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