Friday, October 25, 2013

The Crazy Ones 1.05 Review: Too Much Information

Anyone that has yet to watch last night’s episode of The Crazy Ones, entitled ‘She’s So European’, I suggest you go and do that now. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
I have to say how thoroughly I enjoy this series. While this wasn’t the strongest episode that has aired, it did make me laugh quite often, and I got to see more interactions between Zach and Sydney. This may be premature, but down the line I do hope that they date at some point.
This week to me Sydney seemed a little too high strung. Yes, she’s a career-obsessed woman who doesn’t want to hear about her father or coworkers sex lives, but even obsessively clean Monica had more to her than that one thing. Sydney needs to be a little more developed on a week-to-week basis. The week where Simon tried to reteach her how to drive, she had more emotions behind it with not being raised rationally, but we don’t fully see that there’s more to her this week. The high-strung bit is a little annoying at times.
James Wolk’s character Zach I just absolutely love. The opening scene with his character and Simon riffing off each other was just spectacular, my favourite part of this episode. He definitely has an uncanny knack for improvisation, and as actor I most certainly can see him going far. As a fan of Shameless, I didn’t really get to see much to the Boy Scout kind of guy he played on that, but with this series I’m really getting to see a great range for comedy. Perfect casting call in my opinion.
So, this wasn’t this series strongest episode, being that Sydney’s voice was a little too squeaky and high pitched for my liking, but it was funny. Plus any less funny episode of this series is much better than some comedies still going on out there (I’m looking at you New Girl). I continue to look forward to this series each week.
My rating: 7 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“You say 5’8, you’re Peter Dinklage.” – Zach explains to Simon about online dating.
“Say, does anyone have a cyanide capsule I can borrow?” – Andrews asks the room.

Alright, folks, I’m off to shower. If this headache I have goes away after some down time, I’ll try and post the sixth edition of Best Performances of the Week. Otherwise, the latest it will be out is Saturday, but more likely tomorrow night.

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