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Bones 9.06 Review: We've Waited Long Enough

Everyone – and I do mean everyone – that has yet to watch last night’s episode of Bones, rightfully titled ‘The Woman in White’, then please step away from this blog. As always, this is not a spoiler free zone, and I would absolutely hate to spoil the episode this series has built up to for nine years. Again, THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! This is your last chance to leave before I jump in, last warning.
Okay, you’re all going to have to bear with me on this review; it’s going to be a long one. I have been watching this series for two years now, and there is nearly a page and a half of notes related to this episode, half of which are probably my favourite lines of the evening, so here goes.
That, that was the best hour of television this series has had (okay, the Sweets centric episode was great too, but this was a fulfilling episode) in a very long time. This week’s episode has been built up to for nine seasons, and I just have to say how amazingly well done it was. I almost wish this was the series finale, because the amount of hope this episode ended with, and how fulfilling it was to watch Booth and Brennan make it down the aisle, I just don’t know how you do better than that. I suppose everything now really is just the cherry on top.
While not every character was able to make it to the wedding of the decade (I’m looking at you, Zack Addy. You may be locked up in a mental ward, but that’s no excuse.), there were a fair amount of returns this week. Booth’s always-loveable grandpa was in attendance, boy am I glad the actor didn’t die in the intervening years. Booth’s mom, who I don’t quite feel deserved forgiveness quite so easily and quickly, was also there. And even though there’s the easiest way to explain his not being there, Brennan’s dad did make it to the wedding, less Botox-y than the last time he appeared. Booth’s son Parker, who for some reason had to be picked up at the airport (can someone please remind me what happened there?), made his return to the series, about a year and a half from the last episode he appeared in. I have to say, he’s not nearly as adorable as he used to be, but I am glad to have had him around for the wedding. Then there was Cyndi Lauper’s return as the psychic Avalan, and can I just say how beautifully well done she sang that song as Brennan walked down the aisle? Breathtaking.
Now, for the more often recurring and regular characters of the series. We did get to see Caroline tearing up at the wedding, perfectly understated for a character such as she. All of the squints also got to be around each other for once, something I can’t recall happening since Booth’s brain tumour and subsequent hallucination, that ended up mostly happening, just out of order – but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, you know my memory. Their outfits for the wedding were perfect for the wacky but brilliant characters they are. I absolutely adored the way Angela was crying at the rehearsal for the wedding, and then how protective she got of Brennan when everyone was betting the wedding would be cancelled. She very much can be a big sister type to Brennan, teaching her the ways of the world, aside from her vast intelligence for anthropology. It was a very Jack thing to do, to take bets on when the wedding will be cancelled; I’m curious to know who won when the wedding ended up going off with just a few hitches. Was it all given back to everyone? Cam even jumped in on the betting fun. Plus Sweets was hanging around, being his psychologist self. Hey, does anyone think that John Francis Daley just does not seem to age?
Then there’s Booth and Brennan themselves. I adored how Booth was tearing up as Brennan read her vows to him; sometimes David Boreanaz is a fantastic actor (though I’ll always love him more as Angel). Then Brennan, who was her logic-based self, sometimes just stating the obvious. While I would have added a white-jeweled necklace, or a necklace of some sort to accompany that dress, given that her hair was up, she did look beautiful. Her makeup was just spectacularly done. When I get married, can whomever did her makeup do mine? Pretty please, with sprinkles on top? I just loved how Booth and Brennan were thinking they were just looking out for each other, but really the big stuff didn’t matter to either of them, just getting married on that day was what was so important to them, as long as they were together. Such a beautiful sentiment to enter into a marriage with.
This was such a beautifully well-done episode. I literally (well almost) was pausing this episode every half a minute to minute to jot down more notes, more favourite lines, just anything that came to me about the episode. Booth and Brennan get their happy ending (okay, no, not an ending, but that word works best), and I am so unbelievably happy for them. Two characters. On a TV show. This is my life. But anyways, I actually nearly managed to cry as Cyndi Lauper sang the song while Brennan walked down the aisle. For anyone that doesn’t know me, I rarely cry, and I actually teared up at that point. I possibly would have cried, if I hadn’t paused the episode to jot down another favourite line (more on that below). As Booth and Brennan walked down the aisle together, hand in hand, their smiles, their happiness, it just warmed my heart. Pure happiness for them, I wasn’t even envious (okay, now I am, but that happens), I was just so happy for what they were finally able to accomplish.
I still, I just don’t know how you get any better than this. This episode was perfect from beginning to end. The cellphone calls ruining the wedding rehearsal at the church, the business of everyone trying to make sure they make it down the aisle, and how neatly the thirty-plus year old murder fit into the episode – even if the murderer ended up being a little boring. But I don’t know, I think I’d be happy with this being the last season, or at least the second last. No more after ten, that’s enough. Oh, and please bring back Zack Addy before the final swan song.
My rating: 7.5 out of 10. (Yes, I loved the episode, but this series has yet to be as good as the early years… Yes, with Zack Addy. Okay, that’s enough home. Zack Addy… Okay, that really was enough.)

Best Lines (prepare yourself for a lot):
“Can you cry after eleven?” – Booth asks Angela, when she can’t stop crying but they only have the church until then.
“I’ll put $25 on the wedding being cancelled by lunchtime tomorrow.” – Jack says. “Yeah, $50 says it’s cancelled before the sun goes down.” – Sweets retorts. “Worst friends ever.” – Cam mutters.
“I don’t need sleep to be beautiful.” – Brennan states. “No, but it does help you be pleasant.” – Jack retorts.
“I got your text about the wedding pool. I’ll put fifty on it being called off by three.” – Clark tells Jack, who then pulls out a notebook.
“Hodgins, what have you got for me?” – Cam asks. “Brennan’s done with her mani-pedi.” – Jack answers, not in the way Cam had wanted.
“I prefer not to tell you while you’re wearing your tough face.” – Clark tells Angela, after she asks him if he’s in the wedding pool. She does have a mean tough face.
“Yes! Tricking is an excellent coping mechanism when dealing with people like Dr. Brennan.” – Clark states.
“$20 says it’s cancelled by one tomorrow. Oh God, I hate myself.” – Cam adds in her bet to the pool.
“My God Booth, you burned the church down.” – Max remarks.
“And you’re completely unnecessary.” – Oliver goes one sentence too far with Angela.
“So, I’m inviting you. I have to go put on my dress now.” – Brennan says, starting in one place, and ending up in another.
“You’re a lucky man, Booth.” – Aldo tells him. “I know.” – Booth replies, in one of the two sweeter moments in the episode.
“It’s my fatherly duty to tell you if you do anything to hurt my little girl, I’ll kill you.” – Max half-heartedly threatens Booth, before they hug each other.
“Keep it to yourself or get out because this is going to happen.” – Aldo exclaims, forgoing the traditional standing up if anyone should see fit these two should not wed.
“I can be a duck.” – Brennan naturally butting in to Booth’s vows in remembrance of one of their first encounters.
“Now, Temperance, will you be speaking from the heart as well?” – Aldo asks. “Nooo, I will be speaking from my mouth.” – Brennan replies with her usual amount of logic.
“This is that time. This is that place.” – Brennan tells Booth in her vows, after reading the note she wrote to him while Hodgins and her were buried alive.
“As usual, she’s right. Go.” – Aldo tells Booth, referring to Brennan’s stating that Booth should kiss her now.
“What do you think happens now?” – Booth asks. “Everything that happens next.” – Brennan replies. The other sweetest line sequence of the episode, and a fitting end to the episode.
I told you there were a lot.

Alright, I’m off to watch The Blacklist, or possibly just go to sleep, either way I’ll be posting the review of that later today (it is already a new day after all). I’m all wiped out from taking over an hour to watch an episode that is forty-five minutes on my DVR. I really did pause it quite often. Plus, I heated up some food. Anyways, good night to any night owls like me; I’ve been up since noon to go see some two week old kittens (three of them) to try and help decide which one my roommate and I are going to take (to join our three other cats). Then I had an eight and a half hour shift at work, so I’m kind of exhausted. Night all.

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