Thursday, October 24, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven 3.03 Review: You Can't Fight Getting Older

Anyone that has yet to watch last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven, entitled ‘The Replacements’, then I suggest you go do so now. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
This episode was a little too Fiona centric. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching the flashbacks with the actress playing a younger Jessica Lange, but for a series with only twelve episodes in a season, and one season is one complete story, they’re squandering away minutes to unnecessary additions. Plus she’s not scary enough. She may murder those she chooses, but I’ve watched numerous series about serial killers (i.e. Dexter) and that doesn’t scare me all that much. She’s afraid of aging, getting older and not being attractive, and that’s because she’s not an attractive person beneath the skin.
Again, can I just enforce how strongly I dislike the cinematography techniques this season? They’re far too distracting and add little to the overall story. I mean why does it have to constantly be moving? This series is not on a boat, and yet it insists on making me feel like we are and making me rather seasick.
It was rather intriguing to watch Fiona jump to the conclusion that Madison was the next Supreme. But I suppose she is in a harried state, and despite witches having the possibility of carrying more than one power, she deduced that it must be her. So now she’s dead, because she didn’t want to kill Fiona to take the full Supreme power. Still, I have the strong belief that Zoe is the next Supreme, why else would she be bragged as being important to the overall season, other than to bring Tate – I mean Kyle – back from the dead?
All this Supreme business, and I have to take note of the issue with the name. Is that actually what the head witch of a coven was believed to be called? Otherwise it’s a rather moronic name to call them, rather distracting. Every time I hear the word, I think of the Supremes, and I don’t think that’s what this season had in mind at all.
I finally figured out who Denis O’Hare is playing. Kind of a blink and you miss him character, being that he looks very little like himself and his character’s tongue was cut out so he’s mute. That’s right, he’s the butler. Here I was thinking he’d been listed as a series regular this season, and between the first two episodes had yet to appear. Then I really get a good look at the character Spalding this episode, and low and behold it’s O’Hare. Not much point to having him this season if he can’t talk.
Speaking of being unable to talk, let’s discuss Kyle (or Tate forever in my mind). Can he please start speaking soon? I’m not a fan of the heavy physical acting, I find a person’s voice and words helps form who they are – being a writer as I am. He did kind of yell this week, gutturally I suppose, when he bludgeoned his mother to death – who totally deserved it for the sexual abuse she put him through. Though, that did come as a curveball, he seemed a little too normal on the bus in the first episode, and he didn’t react as if he understood what Madison was going through when she was being raped, just mortified by the horrendous act his frat brothers were committing.
Two things I enjoyed this week. One was Misty Day, watching her array of emotions in the brief moments she appeared this week. I’m curious to know what is up with her abandonment issues? Is it because she never fit in? Or because she was burnt as a witch? The second was the way Zoe was dressed this week. She looked very poised and classy – especially opposed to Madison – and she looked very put together with her perfectly straightened hair. These two and Kyle are definitely my favourites this season thus far.
Overall better than the premiere episode, but still not great. I’d expect more from a series with the word ‘horror’ in it. But I’m trying to make peace with my disappointment for each season since the first. Maybe it set the bar too high, or there were no expectations for it as it was the first season and there are expectations for the last two seasons. Either way, I still think I wouldn’t mind this season if the cinematography was less distracting.
My rating: 7 out of 10.

Best Line:
“This coven doesn’t need a new Supreme, it needs a new rug.” – Fiona states, referring to the rug she’s bloodied with Madison’s body.

So it seems like I was able to post this tonight, or morning for most people just getting up now. Anyways, check back tomorrow – or later today – for reviews of The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Crazy Ones.

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