Sunday, October 20, 2013

Haven 4.06 Review: The Monster Inside Us

This is your only warning. For all those that have yet to watch Friday night’s episode of Haven, entitled ‘Countdown’, I suggest you go and do so immediately, or vacate the premises. As always, this is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
Well, this week’s episode marked the halfway point for the season, kind of, only seven episodes left to go. Definitely a better episode than last week, possibly better than all of the episodes of the season so far. There were a lot of little threads brought in concerning past seasons that made me quite happy.
Finally, the subject of Duke loving Audrey was raised in this episode. Audrey is back, seemingly in the form of Lexie, and so Nathan plans on making her fall in love with him so that she can kill him and end the Troubles for good. Thus, this week Nathan brings up the little tidbit of information Duke shared with him before Nathan shot Agent Howard, and feels like he’s the right person to take care of Audrey when Nathan’s gone. It was good to see the bits and pieces of Duke’s feelings towards Audrey, whom he knows is in fact Audrey, including the subject of Colorado from last season. Still, I don’t think it was quite as strong as past seasons, though I do think it helped that Jennifer wasn’t in this episode to distract from that subject. Even though Duke did appear a little too nonchalant about her packing up her stuff.
A large part of this episode consisted of the subject of being, and creating, a monster. In the end, Jordan decided she no longer wanted to be one, but it was too late for she had already pointed Wade onto the path of becoming one. I still really can’t stand his character, despite understanding the reason he was added to the series. While he plays villain much better than scorned brother, I don’t feel like the switch was completely natural. This week his acting seemed more natural, but not the character. I completely saw that point where he went in to stab the Troubled man Paul to activate his family’s curse, but whereas Duke sees it for the curse it is, Wade views it as more of a gift. Power does corrupt absolutely when that is what a person craves. Still, I can’t stand the character.
Part of the reason why I think this week’s episode worked much better is because of the fact Bigfoot didn’t appear in it (yes, I mean Dwight), and the fact Jordan was cracking and finally decided it was time to move on, although she really didn’t end up moving on – on to the afterlife. Also, the fact that the love triangle wasn’t corrupted by the Jennifer character this week, and that we knew Lexie was still Audrey. And how Nathan eventually figured out who Audrey really was. Some nice, simple things that really boosted the episode’s appeal.
While I know this show can’t be like this every week, with big reveals popping up throughout an episode, I am happy to have been able to watch a much better chapter to the story of Haven. If the writing starts to shape up a little more, and add in the repercussions of opening the door, this series will begin to work it’s way back to the greatness it had in the beginning.
My rating: 7.5 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“I’ll say things like 10-4 and copy that, and like eat donuts and stuff.” – Audrey says to Nathan, trying to convince him that she is Lexie.
“Don’t touch him.” – Nathan says. “I wasn’t planning on it.” – Duke retorts, after a body gets rigor mortis before death.

Sorry for not posting this last night, but I did watch, I just got too tired to write the review. I’m off to watch Once Upon A Time now, then Revenge. Stick around for those reviews.

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