Friday, October 4, 2013

Grey's Anatomy 10.03 Review: Picking Up the Pieces and Moving Forward

This is a warning, if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, titled ‘Everybody’s Crying Mercy’, and hope to watch it without being spoiled of its contents, then now would be a good time to walk away from this blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
Everybody’s Crying Mercy was not the strongest episode this series has seen. For a lot of the parts, it felt more or less the same as an average Grey’s episode. Not the same as all episodes, but there was quintessential patient that somehow represents the life of one of the doctors, and helps them determine what they should do about their problems (read Callie). The jingle that’s all too common with this series used as filler music. And then there’s the character (see Webber) that’s sorely disappointed in another one of the characters (read Meredith) and reams them out in a heart-wrenching speech. Basically it’s just an average, all too stereotypical, episode of Grey’s Anatomy.
However, there were a few things that I did like, that stood out to me in this episode. I really liked Yang and Karev’s interactions. The beginning of the episode where she jumps into his bed and makes fun of him for not having sealed the deal with his girlfriend (is she his girlfriend?) of a week. And then her nice little Christina pick-me-up speech in the OR about the girl being special, not the moment, was on key. I’m really going to miss this character next year, if they don’t end the series like I’ve wanted for a good year or so now.
I also really liked being able to see the reality of parental leave, and having to raise a newborn just after birth. It was nice to see these two beautiful characters/people (Meredith and Derek) looking all haggard and zoned out from lack of sleep. Although, they still looked quite attractive for people with baby vomit in their hair (see Meredith).
Although I’m still not on board with Murphy and Edwards as the showrunners try and push those interns on us, I was pleasantly surprised this week by Shane. He’s a much more interesting character when he’s not all happy-go-lucky and people pleasing, and is instead a guilt-ridden, almost passionate, go-getter. If they sprinkle him in this way, I might be able to get on board with him. Though that still only makes two of the four interns worth watching at all, and the other is possibly only because I like her scenes with Alex.
The few songs that were added into the episode this week, I also liked. While this show does seem to be trying to go “hipper” music wise, rather than being truly original in its soundtrack like the good old days, at least the musical choices actually seemed to fit the scenes. I particularly liked the opening song, and another from one of the scenes I can’t quite recall at the moment.
The way they ended the episode this week was disappointing. I’d thought that in the way they’d written it last week, that Webber had seen Meredith as almost a surrogate daughter, because she kind of had become that to him. But this week they just turned it around to make it look like he thought she’d make the calculated, logical choice, devoid of emotions. After the hormones of being pregnant? When she cared about him? If he wanted it done logically, he should’ve just chosen Yang. It almost feels like back and forth writing, because I swear earlier on in the series he did kind of see her as a daughter type. But maybe I’m remembering that wrong.
Overall, this series is really feeling like it’s on its last legs. The drama’s becoming far too soap opera-y, and the characters are just running around in circles. Rhimes just seems to be trying to come up with tragedies for them all to go through, because otherwise people would stop watching. And the damn circles are so easy to see, they’ve got a gala event next episode that they all dress up for, and it just reminds me of when Denny died. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see them out of their hospital garb for once, but it’s all too much the same.
My rating: 6.5 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“When we’re done here, will you braid my hair?” – Yang making fun of the fact Karev wants his and Jo’s first time to be special.
“Yes!” – Jo, the way she screams it as Karev carries her up the stairs is just perfect.
“I chose the wrong person.” – Webber tells Meredith. She just looks so taken aback by it, and the disappointed angry way he says it…

Okay, I’m going to go watch The Vampire Diaries soon, then The Originals. Stay tuned for reviews of both of those.

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