Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bones 9.05 Review: Make the Most Out of the Life You Live

All those that have yet to watch last night’s episode of Bones, titled ‘The Lady on the List’, then now would be a great time to do that. This is not a spoiler free blog; there is a chance that this episode, and previous episodes, may be ruined below. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
While very much the same as most episodes of Bones, there was a beautiful message to be had in this particular one. The idea that life needs to be made the most of, and that you can cross off everything on a bucket list but it will never be finished because you’ll just keep adding more. It was a wonderful notion to state that a life can only be fulfilled when a person does their best every chance that they get, to let go of the past, let go of the negativity, and just live to make yourself happy. It certainly was a very wise thing to say.
Now, more on the episode. I quite like Dr. Wells, not because – to quote Angela – he is a douche, but because he stirs up these different characteristics in these characters that are not so easily shaken. Cam is constantly taken aback by what he says, Angela almost treats him like a child that needs to taught better, and Brennan is astounded of the thought he acts smarter than her. Anyway it’s put, he brings an interesting dynamic to the show. He almost seems to have characteristics of someone with Asperger’s, or something of the like.
Despite this series having become more or less the same, with very little change from season to season (ever since Brennan got pregnant), there are some humourous moments to the show that keep me coming back for more. I just loved Sweets whole issues with Val, although I completely agree a computer cannot pick up on something that is so subjective, it was still quite fun seeing him freak out over the whole thing. Hodgins’s bucket list was also funny, in that he was astounded that anyone wouldn’t want to be launched out of a canon. Then there was the moment where Dr. Wells is asking out Brennan on a friend date, and Hodgins walks in at the wrong moment, then Brennan turns around and he’s just standing there. Such a perfect Hodgins moment; he’s so much lighter in this series than he used to be.
While I don’t think this series can go on much longer, I am finding episodes pleasant to watch, if a little predictable. I did guess the killer a good ten minutes before Brennan figure it out, and I’m not usually one that picks up on that so easily. Perhaps it’s because my brain has grown more critical after the amount of reviews I’ve done in the last month. Either way, I don’t think this show can last more than a season after this one, otherwise there’s the threat of running it into the ground. And let’s be honest, it should’ve ended a while ago, but I am glad to be able to see the unthinkable happen in the whole wedding between Brennan and Booth next week. It’s sure to be interesting, despite my idea that Brennan would’ve worn something more different than a simple white wedding dress. But, oh well.
My rating: 7 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“Right now I’m gonna go with yes.” – Cam says, in reference to the way Dr. Wells speaks.
“Never discount random luck.” – Wells states, proving Angela right in relation to his douchery.
“It’s less icky if I call it cerumen.” – Hodgins says to Cam, about earwax.
“I hate Val, she is stupid. I hate her.” – Sweets expressing his frustration toward the program.
“If it was the wife, she’s brilliant. In a murderous sort of way.” Wells mutters.
“Oh my God, I don’t.” – Wells exclaims, about his not knowing what happened and who the murderer is.

Okay, ladies and gents, I’m off to go watch Sleepy Hollow, then I’ll finish things up for the night with The Blacklist. Stay tuned.

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