Thursday, October 3, 2013

Revolution 2.02 Review: Dead Rats, Fireflies, and a Whole Lot of Blood

Sorry for not posting this earlier, my internet decided to stop working just when I was about to. Otherwise, I had this done about seventeen hours ago, so enjoy now.
This is my only warning. For any that have yet to watch last night’s episode of Revolution, titled ‘There Will Be Blood’, and are hoping to do so without spoilers, please exit the premises now. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILER! You’ve been warned.
Well, I have to say I was expecting a little more. While this wasn’t a terrible episode, the scenes I was most looking forward to this week, between Monroe and Charlie, were a little too fleeting. I am glad Monroe wasn’t able to kill the one bounty hunter, and I expect Charlie and the man will begin to work together, but I was really hoping for more interacting between Monroe and Charlie. I know it’s foolish of me to think it, particularly because of the age gap and the fact he inadvertently killed her brother, but there is a certain amount of chemistry between the two, and I’d really like to see more scenes between the two of them.
Along the lines of Charlie, I was extremely happy with her this week, for the most part. The lady’s acting has improved so much; she’s simply amazing this year. There’s so much more to her, playing this deadened character than that na├»vely hopeful girl last year. Her ability to give the dead look in her eyes makes her deserving of some type of award. Although she didn’t get as much onscreen time as I would have liked, she did tremendously well with the time she was given. I hope immensely to see more of her next week.
Aaron has also improved this year. He’s definitely confounded by his coming back to life – although wasn’t he given the nanotech in an episode last year, or was that Rachel? Either way, I am glad he is alive, because this show wouldn’t be the same without his ironic sense of humour. And can I just say how much I loved his telling of the Ghostbusters story; people of other generations definitely need to understand that reference.
The shaky camera does work for this series, but I also really liked that slowed down motion when Neville pretends to save Allenford’s life. Both of these techniques work surprisingly well for this series, about the only place where I do like the use of a shaky camera. It’s not done too over the top, so it fits properly in the moments it’s used in.
I’m curious to know what the need for the blood was all about. I suspect it has something to do with the woman in the bed, who I suspect somehow relates to the Titus character, but I don’t quite know what for yet. Not being one partial to the sciences, I couldn’t even begin to speculate the need for it, for her. And what possible test could that parchment like paper possible conclude? Also, why drain all the blood, which I suspect they do?
Another question, what is it with the rats? Does it have something to do with Titus and the woman? Or does it have to do with the fireflies? Perhaps it ties in with Aaron’s resurrection? This series is posing so many questions, but I have every confidence they will be answered in due time. I can’t say with certainty I’ll like all the answers, or find them all feasible, but I do believe there will be a reason behind them.
One more thing I have comment on, the flashback sequence. I think it’s commendable that there was so little of one this week. Last year a lot of episodes were heavily riddled with flashbacks, possibly to set up this series, so it’s nice to see an episode not rely utterly on the use of flashbacks. I do think there is grounds for this series’ need of them, but it’s refreshing not to have too much thrown in my face.
In short, I want more Charlie and Monroe. Especially more Charlie, but also more scenes between the two of them. I would really like this series to develop chemistry between the characters that have it, despite the writers not possibly wanting it. But if it stays true to these characters, particularly because I see so many similarities between Charlie and Monroe, it needs to be fleshed out. And don’t try to force Monroe and Rachel, she so obviously wants Miles.
My rating: 7.5 out of 10 (Yes, I’m moving up to a scale of ten, as of now).

Best Lines:
“For a dead guy? Okay. A little dehydrated, hungry for brains.” – Aaron, pretending humour based on his resurrection.
“The microscopic robots in the air magically resurrected me. That sounds totally logical.” – Aaron, sarcastically responding to Rachel’s calling of it being the old logical explanation.
“Yay!” – Miles replying ironically.

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