Monday, October 14, 2013

Once Upon A Time 3.03 Review: Belief is a Powerful Thing

All those that have yet to watch last night’s episode of Once Upon A Time, entitled ‘Quite a Common Fairy’, or are not caught up in the show at all, please go and do so now. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
For a non-Emma centric storyline, this was a solid episode. I have to say that I think I prefer the Fairytale Land That Was scenes for Regina when she’s not the Evil Queen. It’s much nicer seeing her with a bit of innocence still left in her eyes, and the long hair definitely helps to age her down.
Before Regina basically betrays Tinkerbell by not going to the man that should be her soul mate, I really enjoyed the friendship they were beginning to have. It was nice seeing Regina friendly around someone and not plotting their death. The two actresses seem to have easy friendship chemistry between them; they bounced off each other very nicely. If Regina hadn’t done what she had, I’m certain they could’ve been good friends.
I really think it’s moronic to change it from Emma being the savior to Henry being the savior. The boy that plays him is not a good actor, and he’s rather annoying to look at because of this. Every scene he’s in I just hope he keeps him mouth shut because everything with him is so much worse when he speaks. It’s like he’s constantly just trying too hard, exuberating too much intensity into everything he does, it’s distracting. That’s why every storyline that focuses around him is just something I don’t look forward to.
Was I the only one that saw Robin Hood being Regina’s soul mate coming? It was so very obvious from the back of his head that I was just waiting to see the tattoo pop up. Though I could’ve sworn earlier on it was on the other arm. While this isn’t a bad idea, am I supposed to believe that Maid Marion either died or is not his true love? That’s rather idiotic when the basis for Robin Hood heavily relies on the fact that he loves Maid Marion. Just another Beauty and the Beast storyline that I won’t like, just this time at least the age difference isn’t ridiculous.
While I’m glad to see Neal has gotten to Neverland, I do hope that the relationship between Hook and Emma can still continue to grow. The chemistry between these two people is just amazing, and they almost work together better than her and Neal. After all, Neal did leave her and chose not to come back when her destiny was basically fulfilled – which, again, happened a season too soon.
What is this business about magic dying? How can magic die? It’s not like there’s a finite amount of it, or that it’s a living creature. I just find it ridiculous that that is what they’ve set up this “heart of the truest believer” nonsense in order to save it. Maybe that’s just going a little hard on them, but I just can’t understand the logic to it. Are they going to set up so that technology is the big evil causing kids to no longer believe in magic? I just… I don’t know.
My rating: 7 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“Which will end in your death, and more importantly mine.” – Hook says to Regina about her just magicking them to Pan’s camp.
“Where I used to live, that’s it.” – Emma answers her own question about what Tinkerbell’s lair reminds her of.

Okay, I’m off to watch Revenge, then I’ll be calling it a night. I’m all caught up in shows after the one more. Yippee!

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