Monday, October 14, 2013

Haven 4.05 Review: Learning Things All Over Again

This is a warning. If you haven’t watched Friday night’s episode of Haven, entitled ‘The New Girl’, then now would be a good time to exit the premises. As with all my blogs, this is not a spoiler free environment. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
So, the episode began right from where it left off last week, Audrey jumping out of the door and telling everyone she was not Audrey anymore, but Lexie. Last week I definitely think that was well put together, but from where they started it this week, I wasn’t completely convinced they knew what they were doing with things.
First of all, Emily Rose didn’t seem quite as convincing as Lexie this week as she had the last four, at least not for the first ten minutes of the episode, but then I figured she was just trying to find new ground surrounded by all these actors she’d worked with as the character of Audrey. But then, surprisingly enough, she turns out to have actually been Audrey the entire time. Let me just say thank God for that. I’m incredibly glad she was just acting the entire time because this character, while fun and new, was not as good as Audrey. And also the fact that it makes more sense that she’d want to be Audrey over Lexie, since William told her she’d come out as whomever she wanted to be most. But one question though, did she remember everything from the barn? She seems to have picked up too many new skills not to remember.
Secondly, the reason this episode wasn’t as strong is the fact that for three seasons they’ve been creating this love triangle between Duke, Audrey, and Nathan, and then after Audrey clearly makes her choice, Duke just seems to have easily gotten over her. There hasn’t been enough time for him to have been able to get over her, which is why I hated the idea of the writers trying to give him some semblance of happiness with Jennifer. Plus the fact that she came in all sisterly like when they first were around each other. And while I do think Eric Balfour is a great actor on this series, and plays his character quite well, the chemistry between his character and Jennifer just isn’t there. He can give her all the obvious looks that he wants, I don’t see it in her.
So, yeah I’m glad Audrey’s back with the group, although only Duke knows it’s her, it wasn’t as strong an episode as I’d have liked. The last two minutes with Duke were good, and some lines here or there, but otherwise it could’ve used some tweaking. I am curious to know what bad stuff came out of the door; it’d be nice to see that rear its ugly head. Oh, and when did Wade find out about the Troubles? I don’t remember him having the knowledge of them before?
My rating: 6.5 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“On the upside, I might be normal again.” – Jennifer referring to the desecration of the Barn.
“And I get a free drink.” Lexie/Audrey says in reference to what will happen if she saves Duke.

Yay! All caught up. Now just two more shows for me to watch. Up next will be Once Upon A Time, then stick around after that for Revenge.

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