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Haven 4.04 Review: Making a Leap of Faith

I’m going to keep this quick, all those that have yet to watch this past Friday’s episode of Haven, titled ‘Lost and Found’, or are simply not caught up at all and are hoping to do so without spoilers, then now would be the time to leave. As with all my reviews, there is always the chance that sensitive information is included below. To reiterate, THIS BLOG MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
This week’s episode of Haven was quite well done. While it began with the usual case-of-the-week pertaining to the Troubles that Nathan, and this season Dwight, has to solve, the tension of finding Audrey finally came to it’s conclusion. The only problem is, she’s not Audrey anymore.
The way this episode was written, I really felt the tension of desperately trying to find Audrey this episode. Nathan had grown as impatient as the rest of the Troubled people, especially those in the Guard, so it definitely was time for Audrey to come out. And just the way she came out, and who she’s come out as, helps to heighten all the questions that still need to be answered regarding this series
But let’s get back to the beginning of this episode. The Trouble-of-the-week turned out to be this man having to come to terms with the fact being unable to have kids was his fault, and in the process his Trouble started and Douen (yes, that’s how you spell it, I looked it up) began luring children out to the woods. While this Trouble-of-the-week thing is tad bit old at this point, I did find the picture of one of those Douen being frighteningly creepy. It got my heart racing a bit, and I’m a horror movie buff.
The one other thing this weekly Trouble helped shine the light on was children, and the idea of where Audrey and Nathan’s son went. He basically says he caused his death, in a way, giving us a more concrete answer to what happened to him, the Colorado kid. But I’m curious, is he actually dead, or does Nathan just think he’s dead. He did, after all, go back into the barn, thus saving his life in the process, as Audrey did, so did he somehow manage to get out. Because honestly, couldn’t his wound be healed by modern medicine? Also, could William possibly be the son? He has to be someone.
One other thing I liked about this episode was the interactions between Duke and Jennifer. While they keep seeming to go back and forth between whether they’re going to pair them up or not, they were pleasantly just being friendly this episode. Duke having to calm Jennifer down and distract her so she could hear Audrey in the barn was rather comical. The yoga fail, the hilarious comfortable way she sat for meditating, and being hung upside down from the higher level of Duke’s boat were hilarious, in a quieter kind of way.
The best thing, though, about this episode was the complete lack of Duke’s brother, whose name I forget at the moment because I can’t stand the guy (I could look it up, but – again – I can’t stand the guy). He is such a pointless addition to this season, where Duke already has Jennifer to interact with, and now a new alter ego of Audrey’s. The character was written in to stay and terribly, and I was just fantastically happy to not to have to deal with him this episode, where we finally find Audrey again.
A few notes concerning the episode. Nathan looked amazing in that leather jacket, he should always wear it. Also, Duke should really cut his hair. Like Sam in Supernatural, it’s far too long, and not necessary for the story, so stop being so damn lazy and just do it already. It’s fine up in a bun, but he shouldn’t need to do that. And can I also just comment on the final scene in the episode? The whole build up to Audrey, and the anticipation of her being able to end the Troubles for good, and she doesn’t even remember who she is. That was amazing.
I have a few questions stemming from this episode that I haven’t already addressed. What was up with the in-between? I’m guessing from Dave’s reaction to the door, it contains a fair amount of supernatural mojo, but I’m curious to know more about it. Also, similarly, what was up with that ripple? Did the door just let out a whole lot of paranormal they won’t be able to handle, or at least used to? I’m sure as the season progresses, these will be answered somewhat, but the questions can still be asked. Also, why was Audrey the stopper for the Troubles? Who was she originally? One last question, while I completely expected it, William explained to Audrey/Lexie that she’d come out as the person she most wanted to be, being that she was Lexie at the time, that would be the person she’d most want to be. So my question is, how had she forgotten being Audrey so quickly? She’s in the barn for twenty-seven years every time before this, so how was this persona crafter so readily? Was it a rainy-day persona?
My rating: 7.5 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“The time travelling barn that turned ten seconds into six months for me, that barn?” – Duke asks Nathan ludicrously.
“Seventeen … Lives, Jordan, not just messes.” – Nathan says, having counted up all the lives he is at fault for, by killing Agent Howard.
“Yes, that’s why they call it a leap of faith.” – William dryly tells Lexie (Audrey).

I’m off to watch Once Upon A Time now… Then it’s Revenge and nothing more until tomorrow night. 

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