Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sleepy Hollow 1.05 Review: The Mystery of Roanoke

For any that have yet to watch last night’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, titled ‘John Doe’, then now would be a good time to do so. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
Well, I have to say this was a pretty intriguing episode. That possibly had to do with the fact that I actually knew about the mystery behind the lost colony of Roanoke, though I’m surprised there was no mention of the word Croatoan. As soon as I hear mention of the name Roanoke, I got this fuzzy feeling inside, like I was finally understanding an inside joke. I commend the writers for including more mythology to the show based on real legends. It makes people feel included almost, like when a series mentions Canada or something Canadian, and I immediately get all giddy over it.
These episodes, I do feel, are almost mini mysteries each week, but they don’t seem to completely tie together as nicely as they could. Sure, there are little strings that tether them to each episode, but they aren’t quite as strong as they could be. It’s almost like a person could start watching randomly one week, and not really need to rely on information from previous episodes, which is really the point in watching a series. I do think the puzzling of the pieces together week to week needs to be worked a little more nicely, otherwise the series will begin to go a little back and forth, with strange amounts of progression.
One thing I didn’t quite like that happened in this episode, mind you for only a few moments, was the use of the camera that’s strapped to an actor’s body. During the scene where Crane is all disoriented and is about to see his wife in purgatory, the director used a camera that strapped to his body to make it feel like he’s all over the place. Every time those kinds of cameras are used it annoys me, they very rarely do the job intended of them. The director would’ve been much better off letting the actor act disoriented rather than to force the camera to project that, because that technique doesn’t work.
Maybe I’m just forcing similarities between this series and Fringe that aren’t really there, but this episode reminded me of that one where the boy wanders out to the road and turns out to be deformed. This time the boy wanders out to the road and is diseased, and brings that with them. Mostly it was just the black veins that made me think of deformities, but it was slightly similar.
More and more I’m finding myself liking the Captain. Abby’s ex is getting a little on my nerves though, with all his digging. But I am curious as to how the lady from Oxford said Crane was on leave from them. Crane is as wonderful as always, but Abby herself seems to be a bit too intense in the way she speaks. It’s like she has to constantly move her jaw in strange ways, and then her eyebrows must move around incessantly. It’s a little annoying, I thought she’d grow on me more, but she’s beginning to wear on me.
Overall, this was a very good episode for the series, but I do hope for a little more fitted work. I suppose they are still trying to find their ground with this show, but it’s becoming more uneven as it goes on. I keep thinking it’s going to go one way, and then it goes another. Then the next week, it’s a completely different way. So a few kinks still need to be worked out, but otherwise it’s a good show.
My rating: 7 out of 10.

Best Line:
“Right next to the Welcome to Roanoke sign.” – Abby sarcastically states about where the boy was first seen.

Okay, folks, I’m off to watch my final show of the evening (so it’s morning, so sue me, that’s my evening): The Blacklist. Stay tuned for more reviewy goodness.

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