Monday, December 9, 2013

Once Upon A Time 3.10 Review: Evil Will Always Exist

All those that have yet to watch tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time, entitled ‘The New Neverland’, this would be the point in which to stop, turn around, and go do that. For this is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
Well, that was a decent outing for this series, nothing spectacular – like the first season – but decent. I do find that this very much felt like a precursor to the Winter finale, but then that made it disappointing when I was under the impression it was. Alas, there will be another episode next week, so that’s not as upsetting as it could have been.
One problem I do feel that this episode had was that the Blue Fairy’s death didn’t feel like it had enough impact. This is the fairy that made Pinocchio a real boy, but it didn’t seem like there was enough grief behind it, or behind the characters for that matter. These characters are very much supposed to feel as if they’ve been interwoven into each other’s lives, but there was just something lacking in this moment. It honestly didn’t feel like it mattered.
Now, regarding Pan and Hook switching bodies, I very much felt like Jared Gilmore was adept at playing the way Pan walked, but there was almost too much weight behind the way he spoke. Even when Pan was just with Felix, it was as if he were incapable of expression and was simply just putting force behind his words. That was too much for me. Robbie Kay, on the other hand, didn’t exactly seem to fit the part of Henry as well as he did Pan, but I’m kind of wishing that Henry could stay in Pan’s body so I wouldn’t have to see the dismal acting abilities of the aforementioned Gilmore. I mean, the kid could get better as he gets older, but he needs more acting lessons before that happens.
A few other comments I had concerning this episode, one being that I felt Gil McKinney’s turn as Prince Eric this week was much better than the last episode he played him. Perhaps it was because he was only seen for a brief moment, or because the actor felt more natural in a non-green screen setting, either way I liked him better. Also, Snow’s wedding dress looked frillfully ridiculous, and her hair in the Fairytale Land that Was scenes appeared way too much like a wig, it kind of made her head like bigger than it is. Once again, I feel like the relationship between Rumple and Belle is way too weird, and not only because she looks young enough to be his daughter – almost twice over. I just don’t really see it between them, quite possibly because a) I don’t feel that Emilie de Ravin fit the part, and b) I feel like they ruined my favourite Disney movie, so maybe those are my issues to deal with. I’m glad that they weren’t really going for a relationship between Tink and Hook, but I did enjoy that brief moment between Emma and Hook because of that. Finally, I have to say that I quite enjoy the moments between just Emma and Charming. These two actors have such great working chemistry between them that I really feel like they honestly connect on a friendly, almost familial relationship, far more than Emma and Snow.
Basically, I do think that this episode worked for this series, but it was a little too filler for my liking. I think that it could’ve used a little bit of tighter writing, and that some shots didn’t necessarily need to happen. Hopefully the actual Winter finale – of which I initially thought this was until just before reviewing the episode – is better than this, and that it has a more fulfilling plot. I would really like to see some actual action scenes, and not just in the flashback sequences.
My rating: 7 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“Let his parents have a fair shot without a devilishly handsome pirate standing in their way.” – Hook explains to Neal his plan to stay away from Emma. “You serious?” – Neal asks. “Yep, I am devilishly handsome.” – Hook replies.
“I just can’t shake the feeling that something bad is still going to happen, and I need to do everything I can to stop it.” – Emma shares her worries with Charming.
“I don’t know; does he eat with his mouth open?” – Charming asks Emma, of Neal.
“You think I’m interested in Hook? Emma, I’m a married man?” – Charming jokes with Emma.
“I know. That’s why this was so easy.” – Penry (Pan in Henry’s body) remarks as he knocks Regina out.
“There will always be something else, we can’t let it define us.” – Snow speaks of evil to Charming.
“If you have to throw a fireball at something, at least don’t hurt the face.” – Han (Henry in Pan’s body) suggests to Rumple.

Okay, so that’s one review down, one to go. I’m off to watch Revenge now and review it, before hopefully getting some sleep. I have to be up in less than ten hours to hit the road to go pick up my sister, so the next review will likely be quick. Stay tuned.

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