Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Almost Human 1.04 Review: A Rooster in the Henhouse

Any of those that have yet to watch last night’s episode of Almost Human, titled ‘The Bends’, that would like to do so without the threat of spoilers, the time to turn away from your screen would be now. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
Well, this week’s episode wasn’t quite as good as the last two episodes, but it wasn’t all bad. I didn’t mind so much that it opened up with a scene that involved Rudy’s character in a tough situation, only to get set back twenty-four hours before to fill in all blanks. My one problem with the way they did that was that I find Rudy’s character isn’t quite as fully developed as he could be. The actor is great at portraying him as a geeky lover of science and technology, and all that entails, it’s just the really visceral emotions that he seems to have trouble with. I don’t really feel like everything comes across clear enough when it comes to his emotions, which is why I’m on the fence with this character; he’s great sometimes, but not others. It works as a secondary character, but when he’s used as a focus of an episode, it doesn’t quite come across.
The way this episode was written, it was a little predictable that it would turn out to be the narcotics Captain that was the Bishop. Honestly, Kennex is a character we’re shown to trust, so there was no way we wouldn’t be expected to trust his judgment of the fallen police officer, and thus that led to the aforementioned Captain being the villain of the piece. It was fun to watch Kennex shoot him dead, but I expect in a more dramatic series, that would’ve led to a darker moment for the character because he was definitely able to arrest the man – as proper police procedure dictates. Nonetheless it didn’t completely detract from the episode.
Overall, this episode had both comical moments, and slightly more heartfelt ones. There were a lot of great cinematographic shots to the episode that I really loved. I just wish this week’s episode could’ve been a little deeper, and less superficial. Basically, this week’s episode was weaker than that of the pilot, and much worse than the last two episodes. Still, I am liking this series.
My rating: 7 out of 10.

No memorable lines.

All right, I’m going to take a brief break for the moment, to try and recharge, and I’ll be back after to review The Blacklist. Later, check in for reviews of The Originals, Supernatural, and Trophy Wife.

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