Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nashville 2.10 Review: Following Your Heart

For all those that have yet to watch last night’s episode of Nashville, entitled ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’, now is your last chance to do so before venturing ahead into spoiler territory. This not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
This week’s episode, in my opinion, was very good. The beautiful friendship between Avery and Juliette is so strange in the way that it came about, but it is something that I love so dearly about this series. The very fact that it’s so obvious that they love each other is such a tender thing, particularly after the rough time Juliette’s been having with the always gorgeous Charlie Wentworth. That moment near the end between Juliette and Avery, where she seems to go over to confess something to him (her feelings of love for him, perhaps?), was so sad to watch when it was broken up by Scarlett’s pants-less entrance into the scene. Now, I know Avery thinks he’s in love with Scarlett - who’s being a bit of a whiny brat at the moment - but I really feel like he could have something far more genuine with Juliette, and I really look forward to watching how this all progresses. Although, I can’t fathom that Scarlett wasn’t able to pick up on the tone between Juliette and Avery when the latter had tears in his eyes, but you never know.
In other news, Raina is going ahead with the buyout of her contract and Highway 65, by gambling basically everything on the record she wants to put out. This is definitely something that could revitalize the series and send it down different avenues for more seasons to be built on. I’m just a little worried that they may be setting Raina up to fail, and the queen of country will be dethroned. But, I do look forward to seeing Raina try and grow other artists under her company, and am excited to see what other talent she hopes to sign.
Elsewhere, Will’s hatred of himself and his desire for a man of the same sex came to a head this week. He both slept with the man he has tried so hard to deny feelings for, and seems to have come to the decision that death would be better. I’m thinking that Will will be killed by that train, because it was so close I can’t see how he would make it out alive, unless he had second thoughts in his final moments. This is definitely a subject that is worth telling, and I find myself hoping Will didn’t go through with it, because his character has actually grown on me. With this marking two possible deaths of the winter finale, I’m intrigued to learn what was this series takes this.
All in all, this was a good episode. This definitely appears to be treading soap opera territory, but it’s alright because I am quite enjoying this series. They’ve definitely bumped up their characters progressions, and added a lot of heart to the story, making this season a step up from last. They seem to be getting their act together, writing wise, and making it possible for all of these characters to interact in natural ways. I am really curious to know if Peggy is dead for certain, although I find it a little odd that she would be killed off so soon after their wedding. This character seemed to have a bit more direction to go in, but I guess that’s what death brings. Basically, I feel that this is a rather beautiful series, with masterfully acted characters.
My rating: 7.5 out of 10

Best Lines:
“I’m the face of this festival, and I practically just snuck in through a basement window.” - Juliette gripes.
“We’ll talk about this later, as in never.” - Deacon says to Gunnar.
“I will literally come over there and rip your face off.” - Juliette tells Avery what she’ll do if he responds incorrectly.

Okay, so here’s this one. I’m off to go see Thor: The Dark World. Check back later for reviews of American Horror Story: Coven, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Crazy Ones.

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