Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nashville 2.09 Review: The Funny Thing About People

For all those that have yet to watch last night’s episode of Nashville, entitled ‘I’m Tired of Pretending’, now would be a good time to go and do that. This is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! Proceed ahead at your own discretion.
I really love the drama that this show brings; it’s such great entertainment. And yet, at the same time it is able to balance great family qualities, intriguing relationships, and well-written characters. This series is so beautifully done, and that’s a particularly generous compliment, as it comes from a woman that absolutely cannot stand the sound of country music. Somehow this series is able to manage to make me like it.
This week had somewhat of a conclusion to the Juliette Barnes and Charlie Wentworth storyline. At the beginning I was so happy having him around because of how absolutely adorable he is, but then Juliette sadly had a point when she realized they didn’t bring out the best in each other. Although, I still really loved that barn scene between the two of them from a couple episodes back. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of Charlie, particularly after the reveal Layla gave to TMZ. I mean, did you not see Charlie’s face as he came to Juliette’s dressing room to tell her it had been a week and that he loved her and wanted to build a life with her? He looked absolutely devoted to his feelings right there, how could anyone not want that beautiful Brit back on their television screen? Honestly, I have one specific note that reads: ‘I love Charlie. Seriously.’ That’s how badly I need this guy on my TV set each week. It’s like my obsession with Charlie and Monroe and just needing Monroe on my TV over on Revolution.
Anyways, there was some well-developed progress regarding the whole Maddie, Teddy, and Deacon situation. I’m definitely looking forward to this the further it progresses, although it was a complete douchebag thing of Teddy to take Deacon out of the showcase. As a longtime hater of his character, I’m kind of hoping the previews of someone getting shot next episode are of Teddy. I really don’t like that character. On the flipside, I am enjoying Deacon and his struggle to see where he could possibly fit in this situation. It will most assuredly be interesting to see how he approaches his relationship with Maddie, and the responsibility he might need to accept going forward. Also, I absolutely adored Maddie and him singing together on stage.
The whole Scarlett and Gunnar situation on tour was graced with the presence of both Avery and Zoey this week. I have to say that I quite enjoyed getting to see the friendship between Scarlett and Zoey on that couch and am a little disappointed the Gunnar and Zoey relationship will likely put a stopper in the two besties friendship. It’s always sad when lifelong friends go their separate ways, particularly when they are as close as these two. I don’t think this is the end of their friendship, but I do think there will be tough roads ahead for them. But I still don’t think the Gunnar, Zoey relationship was the right thing for his character, despite her playing the tension and chemistry between them well.
All in all, this series is such a beautiful mess when it comes to the drama. There is so much chaos in these people’s lives that it just gives the series so many ripe pickings when it comes to stories to tell. There is a perfect amount of ensemble cast on this show, and I’m enjoying almost all of the characters this season. Also, I just have to comment on how much Juliette resembled Britney Spears in that outfit she wore as she performed with Will, and she looked really good in it too. Basically, this series is pretty damn great, despite my hatred of Teddy, and not being completely interested in Rayna’s father’s legal troubles.
My rating: 7.5 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“No, I’m pretty sure I meant sadly.” – Zoey corrects Avery, regarding the fact she’s spent most of her free time with him and Gunnar.
“The funny thing about people, they make a lot of mistakes that can hurt the people around them. The thing I’ve learned is it doesn’t mean they don’t love us.” – Rayna shares her wisdom with Maddie, in a beautiful mother-daughter moment.

Okay, so I just have to review American Horror Story: Coven now. Stay tuned.

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