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Teen Wolf 3.16 Review: You Can't Fight A Shadow

This is a friendly reminder to all those that have yet to watch Monday night’s episode of Teen Wolf, titled ‘Illuminated’, that now would be the perfect time to direct your head away from this screen and to go and watch that. For this is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
Surely it is a sad day when I am able to wholeheartedly concur that an MTV made series is better than that of one the big five networks (I’m looking at you CW). More specifically, this show is several steps ahead of both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals in numerous ways. And boy am I glad that at least something of the paranormal variety is being done well (sorry, Supernatural, I’m rather disappointed with you as of late).
This series, man, is just incredibly addictive. I have yet to catch up on either Sleepy Hollow’s two-hour season finale, or the last two episodes of Almost Human, but I am caught up on this series. I just have to say how incredibly glad I am that they’ve given us two half-seasons this year, because this half of the season is so incredibly tantalizing. I just love everything that’s going on.
So, this week’s episode was set on Halloween, and our heroes (and some burgeoning heroes, *cough*Ethan and Aiden*cough*) found themselves being stalked by these masked shadow men – and I’m not talking the shamans that created the first slayer – these men were literally shadow-formed men. Very intriguing, and quite obviously difficult to fight, but fight Derek and Scott did try, rather fruitlessly. A lot of other stuff happened, but the biggest part of this episode were these synchronous masked shadow men.
There is a lot going on this second half of the third season, and while it may not appear to work perfectly together, I am nonetheless intrigued. I’m trusting the writers to have a plan, so I’m gathering that they will. They have, after all, seamlessly made it so that the Scott and Allison split has been natural to the story, as well as helping either of them to move on – Allison with Isaac, and Scott with new girl Kira (although I’m still convinced there are remnants of chemistry between Scott and Lydia, especially as Lydia yelled for Scott as she saw the figures). So, I trust that they know what they’re doing, seeing as their not pandering to their own selfish desires, rather than staying true to the story like some showrunners might (*cough*Julie Plec*cough*).
Let me just say, though, that I have a lot of questions that will eventually need answers. First, what is Kira, or what is protecting her? Scott says it’s a fox, but I’m curious to know what exactly it is, and why it’s protecting her. Also, what did that shadow man do to Lydia that stopped her banshee scream? And what’s with the marks they’ve put on the ones they’ve put them on? Were they also planning to mark Scott, when the sun came up? Or possibly Kira? Were these men – or whatever they are – brought here because of what Scott, Stiles, and Allison did to save their respective parents? Is that why all these things are happening now? Did they kind of forget those issues they were having this episode? And why does Allison’s father have a broken shadow man mask? Also, why did Stiles have the key, and possibly leave the message for Barrow? And, finally, what is it Scott’s father doesn’t want the Sheriff, or Stiles, to know? Like I said, so many questions, I just hope most of them can eventually get answered.
Some nice moments to mention regarding this week’s episode, one being the hilarity of Derek with the three trick or treating kids, from his confused look with them, all the way up to him scaring them off. As always, the Scott and Stiles bromance – I absolutely adore these two when they’re on screen together, and how great of a friendship they have. Also, how loyal they all seem to be to Scott, particularly Isaac, despite his feelings for Allison. Of course, I can’t go without remarking on Stiles awesome dance moves. Really, he was killing it on the dance floor (note the tone of sarcasm in my writing). Also, the fact that my second last note regarding this episode was: Damn, it’s over. This week was just jam-packed with greatness, I could go on and on about little moments in the episode, but I’ll just finish by saying I wish it never ended.
All in all, this series has definitely come together. The first couple of seasons were definitely well built, for the most part, but it’s really beginning to hit its stride. It’s even giving me strong feelings of remembrance to the good old days of the WB, when great shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Gilmore Girls were on the air with their terrific dialogue and witty characters. You don’t get that a lot these days. I can see it in Revolution, but not much else I’m currently watching has a good enough feel to it. Although I do question what the point of adding techno to the opening credits was all about. Otherwise, I’m really happy with the way this show is going, and am glad to see how greatly some of the acting has improved.
My rating: 8 out of 10.

Best Lines:
“To be honest, I don’t believe a word Stiles has said since he learned how to speak.” – the Sheriff states.
“Is that worse than stealing?” – Scott asks. “Smarter.” – Stiles replies.
“I can’t believe you just mom’d me.” – Scott remarks.

Okay, apologies for not writing any reviews in a couple weeks, I’ve been in a bit of a funk review-wise lately. But I’m going to review all shows I deem have enough material for me to write about. This is one of those series, as is Revolution. But I’m not quite sure what else between here and that will get reviewed. So don’t expect reviews for all shows listed every week. I will try to review one or two episodes a day. Unfortunately, I’ve felt more like re-watching Buffy and Angel simultaneously at the moment, so it may not be very scheduled for the time being.

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