Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Revenge 3.11 Review: Who Am I?

This is a friendly reminder for all those that have yet to watch Sunday night’s episode of Revenge, entitled ‘Homecoming’, to kindly turn away from their screen before proceeding ahead. For this is not a spoiler free blog. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! You’ve been warned.
There were some definite ups and downs regarding this week’s post-Christmas premiere episode. Things picked up almost immediately where they’d left off in the December finale. Daniel – to which I’d guessed right before watching the last episode – shot Emily after learning she’d poached his family and faked the pregnancy and after blood loss and some head trauma in the water, she had – of all things – amnesia. In my opinion, while it was a cliché TV trope, I thought that this would be able to bring a refreshing on this series, that has had a stronger third season compared to it’s second, but nowhere near as good as its first. Sadly, it seems that Emily may have gained her memories back by the end of the episode, and I was hoping she would at least have amnesia for a couple episodes.
One thing I do have to say is how completely naïve Charlotte seemed to be when Emily said that her father was David Clarke. Sure, it is somewhat reasonable to believe her damaged memories were spewing out such things because Charlotte was the one in the room, but when she approaches Jack with the confusing information his reaction is so completely obvious to me. He turns away just to keep the look from confirming the information with Charlotte, but she’s still somehow able to believe what he says. It was so obvious on his face for a good few seconds, and I was disappointed that Charlotte wouldn’t catch on and just feign believing what Jack was saying to be true. But then, I suppose the truth is often too difficult to handle. I guess the writers just didn’t want another person in the loop at this point, but I am disappointed with the way they handled that tidbit.
Possibly my favourite part about this episode was Emily VanCamp’s stellar performance. While I do believe her voice over on the episodes can come out dry and tedious, and her performance has been off and on this season giving me the feeling she was often phoning it in, this week’s episode made it seem like she honestly has the acting chops. That performance with Daniel when she can’t remember who she is or where she is was simply beautiful and something I would very much like to see more of. If I were still doing Best Performances of the Week, even without watching all the other performances this week, Ms. VanCamp would most certainly be in the running.
Something I have to say I’ve hated this season is how terribly they’ve been writing Daniel. His character just seems like he’s had character development come completely out of nowhere. Honestly the trajectory he’s had, merely since the character of Sarah has reemerged, seems utterly ridiculous. Yes his character seemed to naturally love Sarah, but then the way he’d react around Emily made absolutely no sense as to why they would get married at all – even with the belief that there was a baby involved. Last season Emily and Daniel seemed to be back in love and set on the path towards this wedding, but all season I’ve felt none of that chemistry that they used to have. Seriously, have these two actors broken up? I know they’d been dating last year, but if they’d broken up since then there’d be an actually feasible reason for their lack of chemistry, even with the introduction of Sarah.
On that note, does anyone sincerely believe that Sarah would try and kill herself? I mean we only got to know her over the course of a handle of episodes, but she appeared to be the most genuine of people and even with the loss of Daniel it would not seem honest in any form for her to try such a feat. Yes, she’d loved him, but, to quote a bad cliché, there are more fish in the sea. I can’t see any possible reason that she would try something so rash. Now, if this is part of the writers plan, then it is completely within reason, but if she actually did do it, then I am losing faith in the skills of these writers. But then, I’ve found a lot of this season to be a bit drab. Sure, there have been some stellar moments, but as a whole last season was almost better.
All in all, there were a lot of good parts to this episode. It did not disappoint me as much as I thought it might, from the grand scheme of the delectable previews, but it wasn’t as fantastic as it could’ve been. This series can still count me as a viewer, but I really hope they fix what they’ve done to Daniel, because his character doesn’t seem like he could’ve gotten to this point in any fashion. He’s dark in a way that isn’t fun to watch – if that makes sense – and this is coming from someone who enjoys dark and damaged characters more than other characters. He’s treading Ashley territory, that’s how much I’m beginning to not like him. The only time he is good, at all, is when he’s around Sarah, and he needs to be able to interact with other characters to be able to keep going on this show.
My rating: 7 out of 10.

No memorable lines.

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