Friday, September 6, 2013

September, the Month of Premieres

Ah, September, the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year, at least for all you kids out there still blissfully unaware that the world doesn’t stop moving just because summer’s in session. (If I sound bitter about that, I probably am.) Soon all those like myself that live in an ever-changing, and – might I add – fickle climate will have to say goodbye to their summer dresses and shorts, and say hello to pants and long sleeves – that is if they don’t want to freeze to death whenever they walk outside their houses – as the leaves begin to change and make way for the ever present, and always looming cruelness of winter.
But school and a bittersweet new – or often old – wardrobe are not the only things that September ushers in, nor is it the most important. Being that I’m no longer in school, and that I’m a big girl with a job to buy clothes when I want them but bills to pay that necessitate my earnings going elsewhere, the phenomenon that I look forward to the most that September signifies is the dun, dun Fall Television Season. Something so important, it is deserving of being dubbed a proper noun.
Sure, summer has its fair share of noteworthy series’ (i.e. Under the Dome, Mistresses, True Blood, Dexter, and Teen Wolf), it doesn’t have nearly the quantity – nor quality – of options that the fall season does. And this season is particularly exciting for me because I’m going to try doing something almost completely new to me. To prepare for applying to a screenwriting program next year, and as a way of widening my writing horizons, I’ve decided to begin reviewing the series’ I watch and sharing them with the public through my blogs. And I watch a lot of shows.
Now I’m no professional critic, but I can be a highly opinionated person when it comes to the things I care about, and television is certainly one of those things. So hopefully I can improve my writing and critiquing skills, while keeping what I have to say interesting and jaunty. If there’s one thing I do a lot of, it’s watch television, maybe now I can put that to good use, and be able to tell my mother watching television isn’t a waste of time. Although what past time isn’t?
Anyways, if anyone’s still reading, I’ll have you know I have close to thirty shows I plan on watching, over a dozen of which are new series’, at least in the beginning, by the time all the networks have premiered their shows – plus one or two cablers (ahem, Haven, the finale of Dexter). So I’ll definitely be busy with reviews, and maybe even a few fun side things I might throw in, like best show of the week, or weakest performance, etc. If you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to let me know.
So, set your countdowns to five days, because Friday night is the premiere of the fourth season of Haven, the first of many reviews you won’t want to miss. As for me, I’m signing off. Have fun eagerly anticipating my return!


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