Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How I Met Your Mother 9.01 and 9.02 Review: The Beginning of the Longest Wedding Weekend Ever

For all those of you that have yet to watch the first two episodes of How I Met Your Mother that premiered almost six hours ago consecutively, titled ‘The Locket’ and ‘Coming Back’ respectively, please divert your eyes now. As with all my previous reviews, there may be spoilers. Again, THIS BLOG REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS AHEAD! You’ve been warned.
Despite this being a review of two episodes, I’m going to keep it short. One, because I find it more difficult to review sitcoms in great detail, and two, because I don’t think I have much to review in this series. Now let’s get to what you came here for.
Regardless of the fact the show creators, that have obviously been there from the beginning and nursed this series to the point it’s gotten to, have stated this final season of the show will be wrapped up in Barney and Robin’s wedding, and after having watched the first two episodes, I’m not as excited about it. I’ve given them an hour of my time to demonstrate that this will be good idea, and from a writers standpoint, I can understand the logistics behind that idea, but I just don’t feel as much pizzazz in the show that it used to have. I’m still feeling as though this season will disappoint. I know that a lot of the core characters were separated, and we had to see them come together, but that was done in one episode. I can’t see an extreme amount of things interestingly happening over the next fifty-fourish hours. I’m desperately hoping the writers can change my mind over the course of the season, although let’s hope it doesn’t take them too long.
My other only real problem with these two episodes is the whole nonchalant way in which they approached the whole James cheating thing. This man loved his husband, they adopted two kids together, they’ve been together how many years, and he just cheats on him? And then expects that not to be a despicable way to get out of a marriage? Couldn’t he have just worked on his marriage, without having to go chase tale somewhere else? If he was so unhappy in a monogamous relationship, why didn’t he just get out? As someone who’s known someone close to me to be cheated on, I can only help but dislike James immediately. There’s no good reason to cheat. I know this is a sitcom, but does he know the trust he broke with his husband? And the ramifications of that man not being able to trust another man anytime soon? Honestly, couldn’t the writers have come up with a better reason to have them divorce? His two kids, when they grow to find out why they’re daddies aren’t together, will only despise him for it, at least for a time. I don’t think that’s right to them.
One final side note before I get too blown up about the whole cheating element and sign off with my favourite lines, was anyone else a little bored by the Marshall storyline? I just thought it was a little tedious, and maybe overdone. I get that he’s from Minnesota, but the niceness is a little boring.
My rating for the two-episode hitter: 2.5 out of 5.

Best Lines:
“Pick it up, grandma.” – Lilly to Ted after she finds him driving 40 in a 65 zone and lays into the horn.
“They are Canuckin nuts.” – Robin, telling Barney about her relatives.

Alright, I think I’m going to have to call that it for tonight. I’m exhausted, and my brain is so not going to let me review anymore until tomorrow. So check back then to see my reviews of Bones, Sleepy Hollow, and The Blacklist. And tomorrow night, check back for reviews of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Agents of Shield, New Girl, and Trophy Wife, and possibly Lucky 7, if I don’t just decide to scrap that altogether.

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