Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bones 9.01 Review: Love is about Faith

I’m going to keep this short and sweet by saying that if you have yet to watch the season 9 opener of Bones titled ‘The Secret in the Proposal’, to kindly step away from this blog. There will be spoilers. I repeat THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.
Now that that’s good and done with, I’ll begin with a quick recap, and this time it will be brief, of where we left things off on Bones. So Brennan finally proposed to Booth, and he in turn accepted. But then big, bad Pelant came knocking, none to happy with Booth having shot him and damaged his eye, and threatened to kill five random people if Booth didn’t call of the engagement. He also made sure to tell Booth that if Brennan found out the reason, he would still kill the innocents. So Booth called the wedding plans off, after Brennan started to get excited. There, that’s a brief recap if I ever saw one.
Bones starts things back up this season after a three-month time jump, which is basically to say that while we’ve been wasting our summer away they were probably catching murderers, and Booth is making a confession to… a bartender. But not just any bartender, a bartender that used to be a priest. Am I the only one that thought this guy looked pretty young to be a retired priest? And wasn’t his hair just terrible? It almost looked like a comb over.
I do think the time jump was a reasonable place to start this series, not too far along, just far enough that these characters have basically been living along side us almost – or at least we can pretend they’ve been living their normal, murderer-catching lives.  They’ve picked things up where there’s this easy discord between Booth and Brennan, and that can be seen bleeding into the lives of all these other people they surround themselves with. The way they act around each – and can I just say the acting in this episode is top notch – is like they’ve already broken up, or at least Brennan acts like she’s given up on them, until the end of the episode that is. The tension between them could be cut with a knife.
When it comes to the characters, I definitely think Boreanaz is better than ever as Booth. In this episode the character battles some deep inner emotions that are brought to the screen so well. Not only that, but he’s pretty damn smart in his own way. Hodgins is good as always, I absolutely love his character. I always love how he brings his conspiratorial thoughts into the episode, so much better than when he gave them up after Zack wound up in the asylum. I especially like his relationship with Daisy in this episode, and how she’s almost like that annoying sister to him. Then there’s Angela. I love how she always has Brennan’s back. When it comes to people she cares about, she’s very much a tough woman (something that reminds me of myself). Brennan’s usual self, toying the lines of emotion, while still being a calculated and logical thinker is very interesting in this episode. While procedural shows like this always struggle with character growth, Brennan has definitely developed in an intriguing and plausible way. Daisy as well has come along way in her six seasons on this series.
I really am happy Pelant isn’t going to be here for much longer, because I’m really getting tired of him. He’s a decent villain, but nothing will ever top the gravedigger. He’s definitely the smartest they’ve had, but there’s only so much of him a girl can take.
I have to ask, does everyone else get the ‘May contain graphic content’ before the start of each scene after the commercials? Everyone time I just want to scream, no duh! This is a forensics show, of course there is going to be graphic contents. Also, in real murders like this, are skeletons put together that quickly? Because it always seems like DNA and fingerprinting takes several months or something. At least that’s what the news seems to say. I get that it’s a show, but you’d think a couple days reassembling wouldn’t be that unreasonable. And Brennan’s earrings are always so nice and all, but that wouldn’t be okay in a real crime scene right? They’re far too dangly to seem okay.
A few final notes before I give you my favourite lines of the night. Has Freddie Prinze Juniors voice gotten deeper, or is that just me? And did everyone else like how Brennan noticed the H. Gloeckner and it was just so obvious to her? Also, what’s with the number 447? I really am curious to learn what that’s all about. And my last note would have to be that it really did seem easy that Brennan is going to have faith in Booth. I would have liked to have seen that developed over a couple episodes, not just this one. I get that they had that three months together we didn’t see, but where we began at the beginning of the episode, didn’t seem all that likely to be resolved in a span of a few days. But I don’t know.

Best Lines:
“Have you noticed that dead bodies always save Booth from confronting his demons?” – Sweets to Caroline, after they confront Booth about his problems with Brennan.
“I thought you’d turn it upside down and shake it.” – Cam, being sarcastic.
“It weighs six tons.” – Daisy, not understanding Cam’s sense of humour.
“I hope Sleepy Hollow’s on the PVR when we get home.” - Hodgins, throwing a nice little shout out to the series Bones shares the night with.
“She asked, even though she doesn’t care.” – Angela, speaking in third person.

Okay, my brains beginning to melt, so that’s it for now. Check back here in a few hours for my review for Sleepy Hollow, and then my reviews of New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine tomorrow, because I’m a little behind. My DVR didn’t catch Under the Dome this or last week, so I won’t be reviewing those episodes, just enjoying them. My brain really needs the break. 

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