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Dexter 8.12 Series Finale Review: The Storm Has Come

For all those that have yet to watch the series finale of Dexter entitled ‘Remember the Monsters?’, and wish to watch it spoiler free, avert your eyes from the screen now. As usual, my reviews are not a spoiler free environment. THERE MAY BE SPOILERS AHEAD! You’ve been warned.
I am so unbelievably angry that that is the way in which the showrunners decided end the series. Yes, I certainly saw some parts of it coming, but to this extent, it’s just outrageous to me. For one thing, who just dangles the idea that Deb will be okay, only to kill her in the end? This isn’t Grey’s Anatomy, this is Dexter, I don’t want to here shit about blood clots, and vegetative states. And this is coming from a person that finished the episode two hours ago, and had enough time to go grocery shopping, do the dishes, and let it settle in before I reviewed the episode. But I still feel the same.
Okay, let’s start back at the beginning. After the usual opening credits, and recap of the season up to this point, the show basically picks up shortly where it left off last week. Deb’s still conscious, which completely surprised me, I thought for sure she was either a goner right from the beginning, or at least going to be unconscious by the time paramedics got there, but she was still awake. I have to give the character credit for this, despite the likeliness that where they left her off last week, she should’ve been unconscious. Quinn shows his protective edge towards Deb by riding in the ambulance with her, and I absolutely love their dynamic, which pains me even more. In Deb’s self-sacrificing attempt to give her brother what should soon be a happy life, she refuses to let anyone call him in and let him know what’s happened to her, but all we know that wasn’t going to last.
Meanwhile, Dexter and Harrison are rushing to their gate, when Hannah calls stuck in a bathroom hiding from Elway. I have to say, with this, I’m happily surprised. I thought for sure the last episode was leading to Hannah getting caught, but no, Dexter ends up getting her out of this. Which leads to him getting the call about Deb, and he rushes to her side. Now this is where we get the cop out. Once the surgery is finished, Deb wakes up, and Dex and her have one of the better moments in this episode. She basically tells him her actions are not his fault, no matter what his brain makes him believe. If he actually took that to heart, I don’t understand how he could just abandon Hannah and his son, in the belief that his actions only ever hurt people. If you no longer feel the need to kill, then there would be no reason for you to go hunting other killers, and thus no moronic bad would come upon your family of your own accord, like the Trinity Killer, and Saxon.
Let’s talk about Saxon. What made him the best killer for a final season? And what was his point in this episode? He basically maims a couple people, gets caught, and ends up killed by the rightful hands of Dexter, but what did he really do in this episode? What was his point? It was like it was just a tiny little loose end that needed to be written out. Did anyone feel like he was a rehashed Trinity Killer? His entire point was to get someone Dexter loved out of the equation? Okay, so he’s not the worst serial killer this series has had of late, but he didn’t have that oomph a final season could’ve used. I mean, this season has been a bit lackluster for the most part, especially in the beginning, but this whole Brain Surgeon bit was a little too lacking.
I do have to say that I like that, for the most part, Hannah got to Argentina, and gets to have some semblance of a happy ending, and is basically becoming Harrison’s mother, but help me out with something. What legal rights does she have to him? I know she’s basically on the lam, but were documents forged to make it appear that she was his mother, at least in writing?
Here are a few more issues. Why in the hell did Dexter throw Deb overboard and not jump in after her? That I could get, but just throwing his sister into the ocean (did anyone else get reminded of Jack in Titanic in that moment?) where all his victims went, when she deserved a proper funeral for dying in the line of duty, was weird. Also, how did he ride into the storm and somehow manage to get to that lumberyard? And hadn’t he sold his boat? Though I did find it poetic to have it destroyed in the end. But why a freaking lumberyard? And what was with that random flashback to when Harrison was born?
I may have to come back to this review, because my brain is being very much scatterbrained at the moment, and I can’t so much organize my thoughts, so I’m going to leave this where it is, and rewatch the episode when I get a chance and update this later this week.
My rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Best Lines:
“You’re such a friggin’ asshole.” – Deb to Quinn, after he tells her he’s riding in the ambulance with her.
“It’s not yours to screw up.” – Deb explaining rather poignantly to Dexter that her actions are not his fault.

All right, check this review later this week for an update. Otherwise, check in tomorrow for reviews of Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Sleepy Hollow, and The Blacklist. I’m off to go comfort myself with Buffy.

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