Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Few Predictions

So, here’s a few predictions, and a list of all the new shows I’ll be trying out.

New Series’ I’ll Be Watching (in alphabetical order):

-       Almost Human (FOX) – Monday, November 4th at 8 pm
-       Betrayal (ABC) – Sunday, September 29th at 10 pm
-       The Blacklist (NBC) – Monday, September 23rd at 10 pm
-       Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) – Tuesday, September 17th at 8:30 pm
-       The Crazy Ones (CBS) – Thursday, September 26th at 9 pm
-       Dracula (NBC) – Friday, October 25th at 10 pm
-       Enlisted (FOX) – Friday, November 8th at 9:30 pm
-       Hostages (CBS) – Monday, September 23rd at 10 pm
-       Ironside (NBC) – Wednesday, October 2nd at 9 pm
-       Lucky 7 (ABC) – Tuesday, September 24th at 10 pm
-       Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) – Tuesday, September 24th at 8 pm
-       Masters of Sex (Showtime) – Sunday, September 29th at 10 pm
-       Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC) – Thursday, October 10th at 8 pm
-       The Originals (CW) – Tuesday, October 15th at 8 pm
-       Reign (CW) – Thursday, October 17th at 9 pm
-       Sleepy Hollow (FOX) – Monday, September 16th at 9 pm
-       The Tomorrow People (CW) – Wednesday, October 9th at 9 pm
-       Trophy Wife (ABC) – Tuesday, September 24th at 9:30 pm
-       Welcome to the Family (NBC) – Thursday, October 3rd at 8:30 pm

Most Promising New Series’ (in descending order):


-       The Blacklist
-       Sleepy Hollow
-       Masters of Sex – it’s a cable show, but I think it’ll do well
-       Hostages – while I don’t think I’ll keep up with this series, I do think it’ll be a somewhat breakout hit


-       Brooklyn Nine-Nine

New Series I’m Most Looking Forward to (in descending order):


-       The Blacklist
-       Dracula – I know there are enough vampires in the media right now, but this is Dracula we’re talking about, and how can you pass Jonathan Rhys Meyers?
-       Almost Human
-       Sleepy Hollow – who doesn’t love a good mythology? Just me?
-       Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
-       The Originals


-       Brooklyn Nine-Nine
-       The Crazy Ones – I love SMG, big Buffy fan!
-       Trophy Wife – Malin Akerman is amazing, ditto to Bradley Whitford
-       Enlisted – Chris Lowell is hilarious!

Series I’m Most Likely to Lose Interest In (in descending order):


-       Reign – It’s a rehashed, medieval Gossip Girl, but I liked the first couple seasons of that show, so…
-       The Tomorrow People – I love Aaron Yoo, and Luke Mitchell seems to be a promising actor, but I’m not giving this show much hope
-       Hostages
-       Lucky 7 – it could go the way of Third Watch, but I don’t think it’ll withstand
-       Betrayal
-       Once Upon a Time in Wonderland – split days, and OUAT’s terrible scripts, I just don’t know


-       Enlisted
-       Welcome to the Family – I love a good teenage pregnancy story, but most of the writing doesn’t seem up to par

Most Likely to be Cancelled:

Before a Full Pick-up:

-       Lucky 7
-       Betrayal
-       Welcome to the Family – NBC is notorious for cancelling good comedies (Go On), so, while Mike O’Malley is a good actor/writer, the rest of this show doesn’t seem up to par
-       Reign – While it could fill the shoes left by Gossip Girl, it likely won’t last
-       Enlisted – I can’t see this show lasting

After the Back Nine:

-       The Crazy Ones – sadly, I don’t expect this one to last
-       Dracula – the world may well have its fill of vampires
-       Trophy Wife – I just have this feeling that this show won’t last
-       The Tomorrow People – it’s the CW, so it could go either way, but I don’t know
-       Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – while I do think it’ll do well, the price tag on the series could put it to bed

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